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Al would be a good nickname for Alex. Alex is actually a nickname for Alexander.if its a boy i would go with the above, but if its a gril one is: Lexi

Also a good 1 for Alex is Aleksy
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What is Alex Rodriquez's nickname?

Alex Rodriuez nickname is A-Rod

What are cool nicknames for Alex?

A good girl nickname could be Ally or Lexy And a good boy nickname, well I'm pretty sure Alex is a nickname for Alexander already. or it is the coolest name ever and who ever has that name is the best.

What is a nickname for Alexander?

A popular nickname for Alexander is "Alex."

What is a nickname for Alex?


Is Andy nickname for Alexander?

No, Andy is the nickname for Andrew. Alex would be the nickname for Alexander.

What is a nickname for Alex Ovechkin?

His first nickname is - ovie His second nickname is- Alexander the great

What is the scientific name for Alex?

Alexander is the proper name for the nickname Alex.

Who gave Alex Rodriguez his nickname?

Dave Niehaus

What is Alexander Graham Bell's nickname?


What is Alex Rodriguez's nickname a-rod?

yes it is arod.

Who gave Alex Rodriguez the nickname A-Rod?


What is Alexandra Burke's nickname?

Alex Burky Alexey Burke al

What is the best nickname for Dylan?

His nickname is Dill.

What is the best nickname for oliva?

your nickname can be olii

What is the best nickname for Tyler?

The best nickname for John Tyler is The Accident President

What is the best nickname ever?

Open Discussion : Tigertoes is the best nickname ever.

What is a good nickname for someone called alex?

Depends if the person is a boy or girl. Usually Alex is a nickname, though. (Alexander, Alexandra, Alexandria) Boy: Al, Rex Girl: Allie, Lexie, Alexa

What does A-rod mean?

A-Rod is the nickname of American-born baseball player Alex Rodriguez, who is considered one of the best home-run hitters of all time.

Nickname of Alexander Suvorov which he usually use this word?

If he is Russian it will be Sasha, that's the most common, I'm from Russia and also called Alex, but I barely hear anyone calling me Alex cause they use the nickname Sasha

Is Alex the best name ever?

No.Alex in not the best name ever.Patrick is the best name ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is Alex Ferguson or Jose Morinho the best manager in the world?

alex Ferguson is the best

What is the nickname for Alexandria?

some nicknames could be, Alex, Alexandra, Ally/Allie, etc.

What is the best nickname for Layne?

Lenni is a good nickname for the name Layne

Is Alex a girl's name?

Alex is generally thought as a unisex diminutive (/nickname) for both Alexander (male) and Alexandra (female.)Personally, I am not fond of the feminine usage.

Is Alex a girls name or a boys?

Alex is a unisex nickname. It can be short for the female names Alexandra or Alexandria and also for the male name Alexander.

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