What is the best outdoor grill for a large BBQ?

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If you are hosting a large BBQ for a lot of people you will need a grill with 700 sq. inches, also be sure to have 45,000 BTU or more to cook those brats, I will also recommend to you a cover grill in case of rain.

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Q: What is the best outdoor grill for a large BBQ?
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What are the differences between a Korean BBQ grill and a standard grill?

From what I have researched and can find online, it seems that a Korean BBQ grill is something that is used indoors on a stovetop as opposed to a regular outdoor BBQ.

What is the best outdoor BBQ grill?

I will advise you to go to and search for their grill reviews. They have different reviews on the top ten grills and find whatever grill you need base on the reviews.

Good Deals At BBQ Grill Stores?

Whether they are searching for a charcoal or gas grill, people who are shopping for an outdoor grill might benefit from trying a BBQ grill store that specializes in selling BBQ grills. Both online retailers and local stores sometimes specialize in selling BBQ grills, and good deals can often be found at a BBQ grill store that can't be found at more traditional retail stores. The associates at BBQ grill stores are also surprisingly knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to purchasing a BBQ grill.

Where is the best place to purchase an outdoor grill?

I find the best selection of outdoor grills to be at Lowe's. They usually have a wide selection of BBQ grills available ranging in price from $300 up to over $1000.00.

Who makes the best BBQ gas grill for a large party?

If you have a large number of people to feed during a cookout, the Medina River Grill Master has lots of room.

Where can one purchase an outdoor DCS gas grill?

One can purchase an outdoor DCS gas grill from Home Depot, Kmart and Walmart. One can also purchase an outdoor DCS gas grill online from DCS Appliances, Amazon and BBQ Guys.

What's the best BBQ grill available online?

Best BBQ grill on the market is a Huntington Forge 490 Gas Grill but the price is pretty high. I don't know if its only for one occasion. Otherwise I would by a cheap BBQ.

Why a Weber Grill?

Considered to be the best by many home grilling fans, the Weber brand of BBQ grills offers both charcoal and gas options for those in the market for a brand new BBQ grill. A Weber BBQ grill is also available in a variety of sizes, so no matter how large or small your family is, you can find a Weber BBQ grill that will provide sufficient grilling space for summertime grilling.

Do you think the outdoor BBQ grill that I buy at the home and garden center should be electric or charcoal?

Home depot has a ton of outdoor BBQ grills that would be perfect for your backyard. They have BBQ grills that are electric and have 2 tiers, they are affordable and durable such as Weber.

What BBQ grill covers are best for you?

You can find about what bbq grill cover are best for you and read information to compare prices on the internet or go to your local shops and en quire about it there.

Is it safe to use a regular George Foreman BBQ grill outside?

Reading through the product description in the website, it's clear that the George Foreman Electric BBQ Grill is also safe for outdoor. There are other grills that use LPG that would cook better in outdoor.

Creating An Outdoor Kitchen Around A Built-In BBQ Grill?

The outdoor design for a built-in BBQ grill is most effective when the grill is not the only appliance that is available. The station that houses the built-in grill can have electrical lines and water pipes attached. This makes it possible to have a small refrigerator and sink so that food can be prepared and stored outside while the grill is being used. This can also make cleaning the grill easier.

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