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Well, I believe that the best part about being in a relationship is that you can have someone who will always be there for you. If you're sad, then that person will be there to lend you a shoulder, comfort you, and soothe any pain you may feel. If you're happy, then that person will be there to join you in that moment of joy and elation.

I think humans have a natural need to be attached to something emotionally and have a strong hold on it. Relationships provide a way for us to do so in a manner that, hopefully, won't end up hurting us in the near future.

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What can you get in relationship?

When you get into a relationship you can get many things for one thing you can get the feeling of being loves the feeling of being cared for. You also help each other out in a relationship. Though the best thing about being in a relationship is that you will and should be treated like your the best person in his/her life.

What is the best part about being a girl?

The best part about being a girl is that boys love us!

What is the worst part about being in a relationship?

they always end in tears

What is the best part in being a doctor?

The best part of being a doctor will always be helping people to feel well.

Do being friends first sprout the best relationship?

no you should be enemys

Is kissing the best part of a relationship and why or why not?

I don't think so. A relationship is a coupling of two people, and tho kissing is a good activity to revel in your closeness to one another, the best part of a relationship should be the feelings that you feel for the other person involved and getting to simply be near them. A real relationship should be forged between two people who could sit together for hours on end without any sort of physical contact without being bored of each other in any way. In other words, the best part of a relationship is the actual love between two people, and no amounts of physical contact could substitute that.

What is the best part of being a pediatrician?

being able to help lives

What is the best part of being an astronomer?

the best part is actually seeing galaxies and comets soaring through the sky.

Is it possible to change a relationship back to dating and still keep being best friends?

Depends on what both of you want out of your relationship or friendship and how strong it is.

Are symbiotic relationships part of an organisms niche explain?

Yes, an organisms niche essentially includes being in a symbiotic relationship because the niche is the role the organism plays or what it contributes to it's ecosystem therefore being in a symbiotic relationship in part of the role it plays and how it contributes.

What was the best relationship you have had with a boss and why?

a relationship that breeds trust is the best relationship with the boss!

What was the best part of being a knight?

The land and/or priviledges that were given to you.

What is the best part of Thanksgiving?

The Family Togetherness and being with family

Starting a relationship in a lie?

oooh... thats bad. i suggest that you tell your bf/gf the truth because being honest is part of the relationship and if you don't have it then what DO you have? hmm?

What is the best part about being a celebrity?

Being rich and famous I guess, but, it isn't as wonderful as it appears to be.

Why is it important to be trustworthy?

Part of a relationship or friendship is the depth in trust and discussion. A huge part of it is just being able to honestly talk to and level with your friends.

Does a good relationship start with being friends?

Well, most relationship always starts with friendship. You get to know first the person and be-friend with her or him then when love comes your way it'll end up as the best relationship ever not just being friends but as partners for life.

Facts to tell a guy about yourself?

It depends on the type of relationship you have with him and the type of relationship you want to have with him. At any rate you should probably worry about being the best person that you can be instead of procedure-alizing how to have a relationship.

The relationship between Nubia and Egypt?

There was a time when both were one country Nubia being the south part of Egypt.

What is the best part about being famous?

because it,s really fun

What to do when you best friend tells you they're falling for you But you aren't into them?

You should let them understand that it won't make out. Being best friends will be better as relationship.

What does it mean when a guy says she was the best thing?

This could mean a sexual slang term or the best thing that has happened to him while being in a relationship with her.

Fear of being dominated in a relationship?

A fear of being dominated or controlled in a relationship can limit a person's ability to commit to the relationship. This can sabotage the success of the relationship.

How do you put the past behind you after a two-year relationship and salvage a friendship if you were best friends prior to the relationship?

It's seldom you can go back to being just friends when you've been involved in a sexual relationship. It's best to move on from this and let him do the same.

What is the best kind of relationship?

I think the best relationship is when you can stay away from him/her.