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What is the best pie crust?



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I prefer an oil base pie crust for a fruit filling and a graham cracker crust for a pudding type filling. If one is trying to cut down on the fats you can always use a water base pie crust. == == 2 cups flour 1/2 tsp. salt 2/3 cup oil 3 tbsp. milk Sift dry ingredients into pie pan. Whisk oil and milk in measuring cup. Pour over flour mixture and mix until damp. Press dough with fingers to line pan up to the pan rim. Do not make crust too high over edge- crust is fragile!. Bake at 425 degrees for 12 minutes or until lightly browned. == When I first began making my own pie crusts, I was not able to find a recipe that I really liked. I wanted the texture of the crust to be flaky, but still tender. So I developed my own recipe, which gives excellent results. I discovered the secret was in the type of fat used in the recipe, and what type of flour, as well. The next time you make a homemade pie crust, use plain flour instead of self-rising. This will prevent the crust from rising, (if the crust rises it won't be as flaky) but you will have to be sure to add the salt yourself. Also, for the shortening, butter, etc. that your recipe calls for, mix one part shortening, one part butter (NOT margarine) and one part lard. Yes, plain old fashioned lard, which is in the same section of the store where the shortening is. If your recipe calls for one cup of shortening, then use 1/3 cup each of shortening, butter and lard. Combine all three types of fat and mix thoroughly, then add the flour (which has been sifted together with the salt). Then add the amount of ice water that the recipe calls for. I also keep my flour in the freezer so it will make the dough easier to handle. Be sure not to overwork or stretch the dough, since this will make it tough.