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Best for what ? If you want to bathe yourself in X-rays while you collect a lot of

hot rocks, Mercury is best. If it's sulfuric acid you need and you don't want to go

too far to get it, then Venus is best. Mars is best for red sand, and Jupiter is best

if you need a lot of natural gas. If all you really want is to live a good, safe, healthy

human life, then there's no place like home.

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What is the conclusion of the earth?

THE EARTH IS the best planet of the earth

What planet is known to sustain life?

No planet except the planet Earth is known to sustain life till date.

Is there any planet for living things except the earth?


What is the best planet for people to live on?

Planet Earth

When was The Best of Hed Planet Earth created?

The Best of Hed Planet Earth was created on 2006-06-06.

Which planet does not have seasons?

none of the planets have seasons except mars and the earth.

Does any people live on any planet except earth?

If they do we have not found them.

Which planet has never been visited by man?

All except for the earth.

What planet has the least number of moons except for mercury and Venus?


Can any other planet like earth be found?

No, except mars

Is earth the best planet?

earth is proven to have life and we have created a massive economy and run countries from scratch . earth IS the best and its the only planet able to have sex

Is there any planet beside earth that is livable?

I don't think there are any planets to be liveable except Earth

What planet has the largest population?

We know of no sentient life anywhere except on Earth, so the answer would be Earth.

What planet and its moon may be called a double planet?

Earth maybe.Pluto and Charon would be, except that Pluto isn't a planet now.

Who explored mercury?

No human being has explored ANY planet except Earth

Which planet in solar system is named after a Greek god?

All of them except for Earth.

Is there oxygen on any other planet except earth?

Yes Mars has oxygen.

Is there any life on planets?

No life has been detected except on the planet earth.

Why is the moon the best planet?

The moon is not a planet, it is a natural satellite of Earth.

How far is the sun from it?

Well it depends what "it" means if your talking about the earth, search "How far is the Earth from the Sun?" If you mean a planet, search same question as the earth one except use the planet in place of the earth.

What is the best planet than Earth?


Has anyone been on uranus?

Nobody has ever been to any planet in the solar system except for Earth

In which planet of your solar system except Earth has DNA or RNA been found?

The Sun

Except earth what other planet has gravity?

They all do. Every object in the universe has gravity.

Which planet has a larger mass than earth?

All of them except Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

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