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What is the best plant type Pokemon in Pokemon Blue?

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Venusaur, since its a starter. Or Victorybell.

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What is the best fire type move in pokemon?

blue flare

What is a blue gummi?

A blue gummi is a food item in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon that increases your IQ. It works best for Water-type Pokemon.

What is the best grass type Pokemon to have in blue rescue team?

sorry only pokemon geeks would know that

Where can i find the best Pokemon ever in the red blue and yellow game?

There is no best Pokemon. All Pokemon have type advantages. My best advise is to get a flying Pokemon, an electric, a grass, water, fire, and a rock/ground Pokemon (Geodude is good)

Best grass type Pokemon in leaf green?

Venusaur because it can learn frenzy plant.

What is the best grass type move for Pokemon diamond or pearl?

The best grass type move - the powerfulest is frenzy plant which deals 150atk points and 90 accurcy

What is a poison ghost Pokemon Blue?

The three Pokemon that are a Poison/Ghost Type are Gastly, Haunter, and Gengar that are in Pokemon Blue.

What is the best grass type Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

torterra is the best grass type Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon VULTRAE:torterra or roserade

Best steel type Pokemon?

I think the best steel type Pokemon is probably dialga.

What is the best partner for treecko in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue rescue team?

It doesn't really matter, but I would get a water type or a fire type.

What type of Pokemon are best against the last kanto gym leader?

Blue has all different types but i beat him with infernape and palkia which i traded from my Pokemon Pearl

How do you difite lorelei and Bruno and Agatha?

Lorelei has Ice and Water type pokemon, the best way to defeat her pokemon is to use Electric type pokemon or pokemon that have Electric type moves. Bruno has Fighting type pokemon and two Rock/Ground types, the best way to defeat his pokemon is to use Psychic pokemon or pokemon that have Psychic type moves. Agatha has Ghost and Poison type pokemon, the best way to defeat her pokemon is to also use Psychic type pokemon or pokemon with Psychic type attacks.

What is the best fire type Pokemon?

The best legendary fire type is ho-oh. The best non-legendary fire type Pokemon is charizard.

Best Pokรฉmon's on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon blue?

Any Pokemon can be the best depending on how you train it, the level, and the item it's holding. Though legendary Pokemon are more powerful than others, they still have type advantages and disadvantages.

What is a terrarium plant?

that is a type of flower its black and blue

Pokemon Blue 8th gym leader?

Giovanni, he has rock type Pokemon

In Pokemon mystery dungeon blue can you get the grass type starter Pokemon?


What Pokemon type works best against your dad in Pokemon sapphire?

Fighting type Pokemon

What is the best dragon type Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

mooo Pokemon dimond and perl boooo play Pokemon yellow, fire,blue,ruby,green leaf, the best drangon is charmander lol the best fire Pokemon on perl and stuff is inferno some crap like that i had Pokemon platimon i was the best until some idiot stole it from my school! the barstard! :(

Who is the best rock type Pokemon?

The best Rock Type Pokemon is Golem... I'm just taking a guess because I don't collect Rock Type Pokemon. But Golem CAN learn explosion, the best Pokemon move that does 250.

Which eevee type is stronger in Pokemon Blue?


What is ghost type weakness on Pokemon?

Electric and Ice type Pokemon is the best.

What is the best Pokemon type in Pokemon dp?


Who is the best starter in Pokemon Silver?

It depends on what type of Pokemon you like best.

What is the best move for Eevee against ground types in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Blue Rescue Team?

a water type move