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ROBERTS 1407 Acrylic Urethane Latex Engineered Laminate and Parquet Flooring Adhesive is the best. It has low odor and is environmentally safe.

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Mannington provides several types of flooring from laminate, hardwood, porcelain and more. You will want to choose what type is best for you and the location you will be putting it in.

A lot of laminate cleaners are just vinegar and water. The key though with safely cleaning the floor is to not putting a lot of cleaner on the floor. Put the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray the floor floor and clean up with a terry cloth mop.

The type of underlay you need will depend on the type of sub floor or floor you are putting the laminate on is made of. If the sub floor is made of concrete, you would want vapor barrier underlay. If the sub floor is made of wood a standard or premium underlay would used.

You can but it would not be recommended. It would be beat to insure there is proper under layment before putting new floor down. Be sure to follow manufacturers recommendations in regards to foam or tar paper prior to installing laminate floor. This will help keep the floor quiet over the life of the floor. - No linolium is a very smooth surface product which will cause laminate to slide and eventually cause joins to fracture. All laminates should be on a sound sub flooring with an anti slip membrane places under it. The subfloor should be checked for level and solidness - holes and divertes need to be filled. If the subfloor is wooden then loose boarding need to be SCREWED down not nailed so that these boards do not cause squeaking and movement.

Some homeowners think that there is a deep secret knowledge required to install laminate flooring. Well, there isn’t! It is quite straightforward and actually easy. Laminate floors are a type of wood product that is a mix of wood fibers and plastic coatings pressed together and glued with a resilient bonding material. It will provide years of worry-free service even to abused floors. Of course, there are varying thicknesses and types of laminate flooring that may be more suited to one application or another, but they all install rather easily. The individual laminate strips interlock to form the overall floor covering. They lock at the seams and are prevented from sliding where they terminate against the walls. Usually there is a quarter-round trim at baseboard level of old vinyl and other tile floors being replaced, or tack strips that have to be removed if carpeting was the prior floor covering material. Clear the floor surface of any popped up nail heads and fill low spots with floor filler. Be sure when it come time to install laminate flooring that either water proof or water resistant laminate has been correctly picked for the location. If the dog occasionally urinates on the floor, heavy wet mopping is expected, or if installed in a bathroom, then waterproof is the better choice. In all case install an underlayment. Some laminate floors already have an underlayment backing. Other laminate flooring materials require an additional purchase of rolls of underlayment. When deciding to install laminate flooring, the underlayment will prevent noise of the free-floating floor moving against the subfloor. The noise of floors without underlayment is loud and heard with every step. Roll out the underlayment and start in one corner, putting in place a strip of laminate flooring. Install laminate flooring in a way where seams overlap a solid piece. Think of a brickwork pattern. Go all the way to the edge of the wall snapping each next piece in place against the seam of the last. The final laminate strips that are installed may have to be ripped along their lengths in order to be able to cover the seams with new quarter-round or other trim material. Slightly lifting the prior course of strips next to the last row will make it easier to snap the last row into place.

You can find information on putting oak hardwood flooring at a hardware store, or from your friends. People at a hardware store generally can help out better though.

It depends on the type of floor that you are putting down the vinyl flooring on top of. If it is concrete, then make sure it is clean, dry and repair any cracks or holes. If the old vinyl flooring is in good repair then just put the new vinyl flooring over it or use an embossing leveler for slightly worn vinyl flooring. If the old vinyl flooring is in very poor shape remove it completely. Plywood underlayment can be used for other types of flooring that you will put new vinyl flooring down on top of.

As long as there are no big lumps of glue. You are supposed to lay rippled foam mat, which will take care of some uneven-ness - Answer Still, you will want to repair cracks or any areas where the floor is not level before putting down the mat and then the floor.

Lowe's has ceramic tile flooring. Walmart and the Home Depot have ceramic tile flooring as well. Several online stores have ceramic tile flooring and other things needed for putting down a ceramic tile floor.

The best way would be by putting the product on commercials.

you can by putting it in warm water for about 1 min and 45 sec but make sure the water is not to warm

When people think of changing the floors in their home, they often dream of putting in hardwood. This material has become the height of style in the home, though it does have some drawbacks. For people who love the look of hardwood, thankfully, laminate flooring offers the appearance of hardwood without many of its problems. Laminate flooring is typically constructed from several layers of material bonded together under high pressure. One of these layers is a high resolution image of actual wood. This gives the appearance of a hardwood floor, along with the same smooth surface that can be cleaned much more easily and thoroughly than carpet. As a result of the way its construction, it is highly durable. It is also much more environmentally friendly, because it uses less wood and the wood it does contain is used more efficiently. The most significant benefit of a laminate floor is its ease of installation. Wood is very sensitive to water and the surrounding humidity. It can easily be ruined by excessive moisture, such as during a flood. Due to this, it cannot be installed below grade. In contrast, he construction of a laminate floor makes it suitable for installation anywhere, including over virtually any other flooring surface. This allows it to be installed in a basement or over another floor. You can often install a laminate floor over another material without doing any damage to the original floor. This allows you to keep the option of later pulling the laminate floor up and going back to the original flooring if you wish. A laminate floor is also much more economical than choosing hardwood. The reduced amount of wood used to make it decreases the price significantly compared to solid wood. It’s also designed to be easily installed, and can often be snapped together with little or no equipment. This means that it can be put in by nearly anyone, rather than requiring an expensive specialist. For homeowners who love the look of hardwood, laminate flooring offers the same appearance without the expense or the concerns that it might be damaged by water. It’s also much more economical and flexible in where it can be installed. In short, it offers an ideal blend of features for people who want the style of hardwood but don’t want to deal with its expense or care.

Using wood protection coating is best from scuffing. Also putting felt pads on the bottom of your furniture will also prevent this.

A product is the end result of production. Production is making something or putting something together. Like 7+4=11. :)

If you have commercial grade flooring or are putting in new flooring, anytime is a good time to consider coatings. It protects the floor and helps it last longer before needing to be replaced again. It is very good in high traffic areas.

To get more people to buy the product you are selling, by putting them around so that everyone can see it.

Math has a lot to do with building a house, measurement, area (When putting in flooring), trigonometry, algebra, decimals (when using money),volume (length, hight, width),etc.

Labeling is a text/name/description directly put on one product Packaging is putting the product in container, like bottles, boxes, etc.

Market development is the sale of a product in a new market. For example, Coke selling their product in Russia and Evian putting their bottles in the health section of the grocery store.

Now that's a loaded question !! It would depend on a lot of things. What type of flooring do you have now and what type are you putting in, will there be a lot of prep work to do, or is it a new building? Are there a lot of jogs or angles to deal with? You would be far better off to phone a few flooring companies, have them look at the site and get some free estimates.

Chrome is definitely considered to be a good product. Google is known for putting out high quality, useful products. More and more people are using Chrome now.

It really depends on the size of the product that you are putting down. Tiny pieces of per-emergent or pest control product will empty much faster on a setting of say 6 than a larger product like fertilizer. So settings will vary. To effectively and responsibly apply your product I'd suggest that you contact the manufacture of the spreader or the material you are spreading.

It's basically a title for someone that takes a new product and takes a chance at putting it into production, and see's how it turns out.

Transportation of the product is very important, also availability of supplies to manufacture with

mainly in constuction sites, my dad is self employed so he does jobs like putting up doors skerting archetrave decking flooring ceiling roofing etc.....good job too pays well

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