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What you need to make Belgian waffles is a Belgian waffle maker. Belgian waffles use the same batter as regular pancakes and waffles. What makes them Belgian is how you serve them which is with fresh fruit, topped with whip cream and a dusting of confectioners sugar.

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2014-07-21 00:00:18
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Q: What is the best recipe for Belgian waffles?
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Can you make belgian waffles without yeast?

yes. buy a belgian waffle iron and use a buttermilk waffle recipe

Where can I find a Belgian Waffle recipe?

A quick and simple Belgian Waffle recipe can be found at this website: This recipe contains detailed instructions and has great reviews from those who have already prepared it.

Is it belgium or belgian waffles?


Where can I find Belgian waffle recipes online?

Absolutely. I found a great looking recipe for some right here:

This horse breed and waffles go well together?

Belgian (draft)! Belgian waffles

How are Belgian waffles different from regular waffles?

Belgian waffles have a lighter batter and are slightly larger than regular waffles, with deeper grid patterns.

Is baking powder needed for the Belgian waffle recipe?

For a belgian waffle recipe baking power is very needed and should be used. the correct amount for 4 inch belgian waffles is about 2 teaspoons of baking powder and you should cook them for about 13 minutes

What dog hair has the most flavor?

I like the Belgian Shepherd's the best because it tastes like Belgian waffles.

What is a different waffle recipe?

You can try buttermilk waffles, everyone seems to like them.

Is the correct spelling Belgium or Belgian waffles?

belgium waffles

What are types of waffles are there?

Belgian (like a pancake) and potato waffles.

Is yeast necessary for Belgian waffles?

Yes, because Belgian waffles are huge and need yeast. I don't know exactly why.

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