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If this is your first reptile, then I would recommend a leopard gecko. I have one and they are the one of the easiest reptiles to take care of and they're really friendly. Unlike other reptiles, they do not need a heat lamp or heat pad because there normal temperature that they survive in is about 73F. But some are a bit unfriendly and dislike being handled.

They basically only need a water bowl, a hideout, of course a tank (about 10-30 gallons), either sand and you would need to feed him or her 3-4 crickets a day. And crickets are really cheap so you can just go to your local pet store and buy 15-30 crickets every week or so. But take my word, these are the EASIEST reptiles you could ever have. (and they are EXTREMELY friendly and full of personality)

If you already have a leopard gecko than try getting a bearded dragon. Now these DO require a heat lamp and a basking spot (a large, sanitized rock would work) and they are more expensive then leopard geckos. These, as I said for the leopard geckos, are very very very friendly and full of personality. :]

Bearded dragons are better by far and have much more of a personalty and all so are much more attaching if you know what i mean. If i were you i would get a bearded dragon. If you struggle keeping it get a leopard gecko.

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What is the best pet for an asmatic?

Personally, I would recommend a reptile or fish.

What is a good reptile pet?

a good reptile pet wouold probaby be a snake.

What is the best first reptile?

I would say the common anole lizard is a good first reptile for pet owners. I have two and they are extremely cheap to care for

Can you have pet terrapins in Australia?

Yes if you have a reptile license.

What is the biggest vegetarian reptile that is safe for a pet?

green iguanas

What is the most popular reptile kept as a pet?

Probably an Iguana

What reptile should you get as a pet?

a smooth knob tailed gecko

What is a good first time reptile or amphibian pet?


Can you keep an emerald tree boa as a pet?

Sure. Just remember, they are arboreal.!!! Best dang online reptile store EVER!!!

Where can one get reptile pet supplies?

PetSmart is a national chain store where you can go to browse and purchase reptile supplies. This retailer also has online products. Other online stores would include: That Pet Place, Doctors Foster and Smith and Reptile City.

Where can you purchase reptile vivarium equipment?

One can purchase reptile vivarium equipment at pet stores such as PetSmart and Petco. This type of equipment can also be purchased from reptile specialty pet and equipment stores. Lastly, this equipment can be found online through retailers such as Amazon or eBay.

Are snakes good pets?

Absolutely. They are one of the best reptile pet that you can imagine. Though pythons, anacondas, or other large snakes are absolutely not the best pet & they are illegal to keep in most states in the U.S. It is recommended to get one that is small, beautiful, & fun.

Where can you buy a python?

Pet stores, private breeders, reptile expos.

What are some good websites to buy snakes?

big apple pet supply, lll reptile,pet solutions

Is a pet turtle a mammal?

A pet turtle is not a turtle, it is a reptile because it does not have hair and does not give birth like mammals do!

What is the best reptile pet?

The best type of reptile would either be a green anole or a bearded dragon. A green anole (if its your first pet or lizard) because it is super easy to take care of in general, a Bearded dragon is not as easy as taking care of an anole but it isn't hard either! The reason i think a bearded dragon is because they do like to enjoy being outdoors with their owner and are fun to look at!

Do you have to clean a pet reptile?

yes Clean the cage completely at least monthly

What is acrostic poem for reptile?

Really Excellent Pet Turtle In Lake Erie

Where can one buy reptile supplies from?

Reptile supplies can be easily ordered online or found at local pet-stores. Online stores that sell reptile supplies include eBay, PetsandPonds, NothernGecko, etc.

Are crested geckos endangered?

Crested geckos are a very popular reptile pet! This makes them a very common of reptile as there are a whole lot of hobbyists and breeders!

Is a lizard a good pet?

What kind of lizard specifically? If you don't know, a reptile really isn't the pet for you. Try some guppies.

What is the best smelling pet?

Basically any animal or reptile that is healthy and well cared for will not be smelly, unless it is a skunk or something else that uses a bad odor as a protectant.

Where can someone buy a reptile tank?

Reptile tanks can be purchased at any pet stores in your area like PetSmart. For a cheaper option one can check online sites where people sell used items like reptile tanks. Lastly the internet has many pet supply sellers that will deliver right to our door.

Can a pet turtle live without a reptile light?

no because, they will get too cold and die :'(

What is a good small pet that is not a rodent?

a fish a bird, amphibians or a reptile of some sort.

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