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Probably the fastest way would be to cross the border into Nogales, Arizona, take I-19 North up to Tuscon, I-10 East to San Antonio, bypass San Antonio by taking I-410 WEST, then I-35 South to Laredo, Texas and cross the boarder back into Nuevo Laredo. It's around 1100 miles and should take you about 15 hours if you average 72 mph. Bon Voyage.

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Q: What is the best route from Nogales to Nuevo Laredo Mexico?
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Is there a train between Canada and Mexico?

You mean a direct railroad route between Mexico and Canada? No. The main obstacle for such route is the United States. Mexico connects to various Class I routes in the United States, through the cities of Nogales, Juarez, Nuevo Laredo and Matamoros.

What is the best route from springfield MS to nuevo Laredo Mexico?

Take the I-35 S until you get to the US-Mexico border. It is a 15 hour ride.

What is the most direct route to get from Mexico to Florida?

The Miami-Mexico City or Orlando-Mexico City air routes, which fly over the Gulf of Mexico.Otherwise, you would have to take the Interstate 10 (I-10) all the way to San Antonio, TX. From there, take the Interstate 35 (I-35) to the south, arriving to Laredo, TX. When on Laredo, you can cross the border to Nuevo Laredo city, on the Mexican state of Tamaulipas.The reverse is also true.

How do you drive from Minneapolis to Mexico City?

The easiest route from Minneapolis to Mexico is to take I-35 from Minneapolis, MN to Laredo, TX and cross the border into Mexico. It will take you about 21.5 hours to drive the 1,408 miles to the border. See related links for a map from Minneapolis to the Mexico border near Laredo, TX. From Laredo, TX to Mexico City, Mexico - TBD.

What is the driving distance from Texas to Mexico?

Mexicans often mean the city of Mexico, DF when they use "Mexico" so I will proceed under that assumption. Since Laredo is the busiest border crossing for cars, I will assume the writer meant Laredo. There is seldom just one answer to a question like this. There are always at least two ways to get anywhere in Mexico. The most common route that fits the question is from Laredo to Mexico City. There are two choices. Laredo to Mexico City via mostly four-lane toll roads is 706 miles. The route is: Monterrey - Saltillo (MEX-57) - San Luis Potosí - Querétaro - Mexico. Drive time is 2.5 days. Laredo to Mexico City via the scenic route of MEX-85 is 752 miles. The route is: Monterrey - Cd. Valles - Pachuca - Mexico. Drive time is 4 days (due to mountainous terrain, two-lane roads, small towns).

What are Mexico's trade routes?

The most used trade route during the 19th century was the Santa Fe Trail, going from the northern city of Chihuahua into Santa Fe, New Mexico.Nowadays, there are several trade corridors, including:Manzanillo-Ciudad Juarez, connecting to El Paso, TXGuadalajara-Mexicali, connecting to Calexico, CAQueretaro-Monterrey-Nuevo Laredo, connecting to Laredo, TXMazatlan-Matamoros, connecting to Brownsville, TXTopolobamo-Ojinaga, connecting to Presidio, TX

How many miles from Tuscon AZ to Nogales AZ?

Between 68 and 72 miles depending on the route you take.

How long does it take to drive from Monerrey Mexico to Laredo Texas?

It takes around three hours driving at 55 or 60 miles an hour, or can you can take a toll route where you can drive at 70 miles and it will take around two hours and fifteen minutes , so there are two routes to Laredo ,one toll route which cost about $ 15 dollars and one free. So you decide

What route did Hernando Cortes?

His route was from Cuba to Mexico

What route did Hernando Cortes take?

His route was from Cuba to Mexico

How far is Detroit from Mexico?

Detroit, Michigan to the Mexican-United States border at US-83 in Laredo, Texas in a straight line is 1380.13 miles. If the distance is actually traveled, the distance is 1625 miles (depending on the route).

What is the name of the route that went from New Mexico to California?

route 66

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