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Thriller Is the Best Selling Album Of all time Selling 100 Million copies

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Q: What is the best selling CD of all time?
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What was 2pac's best selling CD?

all eyez on me

What was the best selling CD for 2pac?

the best selling CD i believe was All EYEZ ON ME, OR BETTER DAYZ...........both albums are real good ones thoughIt was All Eyez on Me.

What are the biggest selling Cd's and records of all time?

The Beatles

What was Britney Spears best selling CD?

Britney Spear's best selling CD was her first album, ...Baby One More Time, which sold over 26,000,000 albums worldwide.

What is Nirvana's best selling CD?


What is evanescence best selling CD?

Fallen is Evanescence's best selling CD, having sold over fifteen million copies worldwide.

What is Michael Jackson's 3rd best-selling CD?

Bad is his third best selling album.

What is Eminem's most successful CD?

The best selling CD and most successful CD is Recovery.

How many 'Now' music CD's are produced and distributed each year?

Millions and millions. "Now" is the best selling CD franchise all over the world!

What is the World's best selling CD?

I believe its Michael jacksons thriller

What is Beyonce's best selling CD?

Her first solo album Dangerously in Love.

Which American idol contest had the best-selling debut CD?


When was We Are Selling This CD for Gas Money created?

We Are Selling This CD for Gas Money was created in 2005.

Which artist had the hot selling CD entitled All Eyez On you?


How many CD's did Tupac's all eyez on me sell in the first week?

He sold 566,000 copies in the first week. I believe All Eyez on Me was Pac's best selling and best album he ever put out.

Where can one find best selling books on CD?

One of the easiest places to find best selling books on CD will be on the internet. More specifically online stores such as Amazon have a huge selection of both popular and hard to find items.

What is the best selling Beatles cd?

The Beatles' best selling album, at nineteen times platinumed, is the album of the same name as the band, "The Beatles." This was also at the top of the charts for quite awhile.

What is the best selling items in Malaysia?

It is sad to say that un-copyrighted CDs, VCDs, DVDs is the BEST selling items in Malaysia. You can almost found these pirated CD in every household.

What is the top selling CD of this week?


Where can you find the best CD rates?

You can find the best CD rates by contacting local banks and asking them about their CD rates and comparing them all together to find the best one that meets your needs and wants.

Which of Hendersonville's banks offer the best CD rates at this time (short-term).?

In Western North Carolina Hendersonville's banks offer the best CD rates

Where is the best place to purchase CD envelopes?

To have the best CD envelopes with a reasonable price, you can go to here you will find all the types with good price for CD envelopes. Hope i helped you.

When was the first million selling CD album in UK?

in 1985

The number one selling CD album in 1997?


What is the highest selling CD in history?

Thriller by Michael Jackson