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What is the best sounding banjo?

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What is the best banjo to buy?

deering goodtime banjo

What are examples of chordophones?

Examples of chordophones are: guitar, violin, cello, viokla, contra bass, bass viol, ukelele ,banjo, harp, clavichord ,banduria, lyre , lute zither, etc.always remember that chordophones are string-sounding instrumentsidiophones-self-soundingmembranophones-skin-soundingaerophones-air-soundingelectrophones-electric-sounding;)

Which Instructional Book is best for learning how to play a banjo?

You can try Hal Leonard Play Banjo Today! Level One

Which karaoke machine has the best sound?

The The SongStation Karaoke Machine is considered to be the best sounding.

Who is the best at sounding like Master Chief?

Gage Collodi

Who said 'a man who has done his best has done enough'?

Banjo Paterson, Australian Poet, 1864-1941

What is the best sounding cassette deck I can buy?

In my opinion, the best cassette deck is made by sony.

Was the banjo named after banjo Paterson?

No. The banjo was not named after Australian writer AB 'Banjo' Paterson.

What is the difference between a banjo and banjo?

A banjo refers to the instrument and just banjo would refer to the music. Such as we'll play banjo music.

Where did Banjo Paterson get Banjo from?

Banjo Paterson's real name was Andrew Barton Paterson. He took the name "Banjo" from a family racehorse. Banjo Paterson was sometimes referred to simply as "The Banjo".

Which is the gaming console with the best gaming library?

Xbox has the best in my opinion with games like Halo 3, Call of Duty, Viva Pinanata, Left 4 Dead, Mass Effect, You're in the Movies, Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, Lost Planet, and much more. It also has the best arcade with games like Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie.

A sentence for banjo?

The banjo player singed while he play the banjo.

What is a zither banjo?

A zither banjo is basically just a modified banjo.

What is a banjo What is a banjo made out of?

a banjo is an instrument. it is made out of wood and string

What are the best quality and sounding acoustic 6 string guitars around 250.00?

Fender , Gibson, Ibanez, they all make good sounding equipment in that range.

Does banjo die on banjo threeie?

Banjo threeie was never made (yet)

Cinderella in Japanese?

This is my best GUESS based on sounding out the word really... Shindererra

If i got a banjo guitar would it be best to go to a banjo teacher or a guitar teacher?

A banjo teacher or a guitar teacher who plays the banjo. Otherwise it would be like going to a trumbet teacher to learn the trombone. they are quite different instruments even though the principle is th same. the tuning of a 4 or 5 string banjo is different to a guitar and the way it is played/musicality is different.

Drum is to beat as banjo is to?

Drum is to beat as banjo is to pick Drum is to beat as banjo is to strum Drum is to beat as banjo is to frail

How many banjos are there?

There are 3 types of banjos...Bluegrass BanjoClawhammer BanjoDixieland Banjoif you are talking about how many banjos are in the world, Then the answer would be countless of them.

Does banjo have sisters or brothers?

the banjo in banjo kazooie has a little sister named tootie

What is the best sounding electric guitar apart from the Les Paul?

It's a matter of taste. Remember that even guitars of the same model vary depending on the wood they are made of, the pickups on them and the amplifier they are played through. There's no such thing as "best sounding." It's what sounds best to YOU.

Did rudy lyle manufacture banjos?

No. Rudy Lyle, best known as Bill Monroe's banjo picker on "Rawhide"(the Bill Monroe instrumental and nothing to do with the old TV series)played a Gibson banjo. The "Lyle" banjo was a cheap Japanese or Korean or Taiwanese(doesn't matter which) mass-market entry-level banjo. The name of the "Lyle" banjo has nothing to do with Rudy, nor he with it. This type of banjo is made by a diversified industrial corporation and the name can be anything, at the request of the importer/distributor.

What are the best sounding cymbals at an affordable price?

The best cymbal brand is of course ZILDJIAN they make the best cymbals in the world, this is not opinion it is fact.

How tall is Jordan banjo?

Jordan banjo is 6"4 and Ashley banjo is 6"5