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Most computer users will be happy with a 1 gigaHertz processor with between 512 megabytes and 1 gigabyte of Random Access Memory on the motherboard. This is more than adequate for almost all applications.


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Someone can get a backup service for their home computer by purchasing one online. A backup system for a home computer can be purchased at Best Buy, Circuit City or Walmart.

For a basic home computer, you would not need more than 1024MB of memory.

I have had problems with a Gateway computer with ME oerating system. I would steer clear.

That is a decent amount of memory for a home computer.

Considering that gaming computers are the best computers money can buy, due to their need for extremely fast response and a lot of memory; the best computer that money can buy would probably be the CyberPower PC Black Pearl.

To look at files created on your home computer on a public computer

You don't add memory to an operating system, but to a hardware equipment, so regardless the operating system, the procedure is the same. - shut down the computer - unplug everything - touch some metalic surface to make sure you are not statically charged - locate an empty memory slot and put the memory board it. what kind of memory of memory you need: that depends on your system. Make sure you buy the appropriate memory, otherwise it will not work. BE VERY CAREFUL ABOUT THAT, THIS IS THE PLACE WHERE MOST OF THE FAILURES HAPPEN - BUYING THE WRONG MEMORY

yes you can upgrade to vist but first you want to make sure that the computer can handle the memory.

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There are a few options for a Samsung Home Theatre system. The best option for a Samsung Home Theatre System is the 5.1 Channel Blu-Ray Home Theater system.

A: all computers are created equal the difference is the applications. It will be unproductive to have games in a business computer or to have limited memory

I think the link, in related links below, has pretty good information for you. ram is random acess memory and is wiped each time the computer is turned off. a typical home computer has 2 gb of ram. a hard drive is the memory that does not get wiped when the computer is turned off. a typical computer should have atleast a 300 gb hard drive.

That really depends on the computer. With the current 64-bit architecture that systems are being built on, you can have an extraordinary amount of memory with a top end of about 17.2 billion gigabytes (although no commercially available system has this much memory or the programming to take advantage of this.). Typically in a home or commercially available system the top end is usually about 8 GB, more if you get a specialized motherboard.

You do not have the reset the computer. It's memory is stored just like a home computer and is not lost when power is removed.

The best PC for home use is Compaq.

Phone up the company you have the Home Security System with and they will tell you how to do it or send someone out. So when you get a home security system it is important to get the best one from the best shop where they take the best responsibility of the good they have sold.

There are many different types of memory modules, a more specific question is needed to supply a decent answer. Also the amount of memory in a normal home computer has a limit of between 2 and 4Gb

The best location for a computer in a home varies with each family but in general, it is best to put the computer in a private location, such as the office. This can make computer time more intimate and engaging.

The Apple II was likely the first workable home computer system. It was introduced to the public in June of 1977.

If you just move into a new home and just purchase a computer, then you would need a good ISP for your new internet system. You can select from Comcast, DSL, AT&T, and Sprint for the best home internet system.

the differences of a home computer and a gaming computer is that one is made specifically for playing games. this usually means it has a faster processor, memory, hard drive and most importantly, a powerful discrete graphics card. a home computer is just made for browsing the internet, listening to music, and maybe watching movies. a gaming computer makes a great home computer but not the other way around

It allows you to control you computer from another computer remotely like when you're not home.

The best ADT home alarm system for a medium sized home is the ADT Pulse. The ADT pulse allows for people to view the protection of their home from remote locations.

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