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All cheeses were created equal!

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Is feta cheese good for you?

why wouldn't it be it is the best tasting thing ever

Where can you purchase cheese baskets?

You can purchase cheese baskets from online gourmet food companies. Hickory Farms probably has the best tasting and best quality cheese baskets, or Wisconsin cheese.

What is the best kind of cheese?

Every kind of cheese is the best. It depends on your preferences.

How can you prevent tasting cheese in your cheesecake?

use fake cheese

Which companies make string cheese?

There are a variety of companies that make different tastes of string cheese. Two of the best tasting and cheapest brands are the Sargento and Sierra cheese brands.

What kind of cheese is best for making grilled cheese sandwhiches?


What is the strongest tasting Swiss cheese?

Lorraine Swiss

What is the best UK's best selling chocolate bar?

The best tasting chocolate in UK is the cream cheese specialty with milk chocolate that is creamy and speacial toppings you can add.

What is the best kind of cheese to put on a cheese sandwich from pajama sam?

stilton because its just "simply the best"

What rindless mild tasting cheese is native to Cyprus?


What kind of cheese does mice like best?

Any cheese but swiss and cheddar they LOVE!

What kind of cheese is munster?

European Munster and American muenster are different. The American cheese is a semi-softwhite cheese with a bland taste. It's chief virtue is it's comparatively low fat. European Munster is a sharp tasting softer cheese with quite distinct taste.

What is tobasco sauce?

Tobasco sauce is a type of hot sauce. The best tasting kind in the world.

What bear has the best tasting meat?

The best tasting bear meat, is black bear!

Variety of very hard sharp tasting Italian cheese traditionally made with sheep or goat milk?

Pecorino Romano is a very hard, sharp-tasting Italian cheese, made with sheeps' milk.

What is the best kind of chesse in the world?

There isn't really a best kind of cheese, but the most famous one is cheddar.

How much cheese does the average dutch person eat in a year?

2 1/2 pounds of cheese a week.. Was told this in Holland at a cheese tasting..

Are 'cheddar cheese' crisps?

They are crisps ("chips", in the US) that are cheddar cheese flavour. Cheddar cheese is a mild tasting hard cheese, from the Cheddar region of the UK.

What kind of cheese does a rat like best?

Cheddar cheese is what they like the most but they will hardly eat mozzarella.

Where does the sour taste come from in foods such as cheese Ned yogurt?

You are tasting acids.

What kind of cheese does a mouse like best?

They like peanut butter.

Which kind of cheese is best for cooking lasagne?

Any cheese works good with a lasagne, but i personly think that Chedder Cheese works the best but that might be simply because i like chedder. But you can decide

What is the healthiest kind of cheese for sandwiches?

Swiss cheese is the healthiest kind of cheese.

What kind of cheese is a good substitute for Ricotta cheese?

We have used cottage cheese in place of Ricotta in Lasagna several times. It seemed to be just fine. It's best to kind of mash it a bit first, though.

Which gum has the best tasting flavor?

5 gum's Elixer to me is the best tasting. However, it loses its flavor after about 10 minutes.