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What is the best tattoo ink?


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the best Pigments (we do not use Ink ) is the pigment your artist likes to use if your a scratcher you have no biz asking the world of tattooers on here what the best brand is.. get an apprenticeship Man and you'll know all the answersAnswerIts people like the guy above that make it impossible to get a straight answer on these things! I was on here also looking for what was considered the best tattoo ink, not for career advice. Who said this guy was a "scratcher", just because he didn't get an apprenticeship? I learned how to sling ink in prison from some of the best artists you will ever see, and not one of them ever went through an apprenticeship. As a matter of fact, I'd bet their skills against 95% of the artists in your so called "world of tattooers"! Get off your high horse, your not in a secret club of elite members, Geez! That being said, I don't need an apprenticeship, I know how to tattoo, I'd just like to get away from making my own ink. Its takes a long time and I'd like to start using more color in my work. Can any one tell me what is the best brand of ink to use?Answer

It varies from person to person and shop to shop. There is no single great tattoo ink, I personally have three tattoo inks in me and they have all yielded satisfactory results.


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The best Tattoo Studio in catterick garrison is Slinky Ink Tattoo Studio.

No, tattoo ink isn't flammable.

The best ink around for a home done tattoo is a pen it is so easy to put on and if you dont want it the next day wash it off

Expired tattoo ink should be discarded. Using expired tattoo ink increases the risk of infection.

You can purchase tattoo ink online or from any tattoo supply shop around you.

No, use regular tattoo ink and get it done at a real tattoo parlor. Don't use pen ink.

if its a new tattoo your fine . the tattoo will scap and some of the ink will leak its your body getting rid of all of the left over ink . but you shouldn't be putting lotion on a new tattoo a&d ointment is the best that's what the tattoo artists in ny recommend

Tattoo Machines and Tattoo ink, and needles

No, the waterman ink cannot be used for a tattoo. This is because the waterman ink will be easily washed away.

MOM'S Ink, Skin Candy, Intenze, and Kuri Sumi. These are the only tattoo inks I trust and are most popular. Use the wrong tattoo ink and you'll get a crappy faded tattoo.

No. Black ink has to be covered with black ink.For example, if you got a tattoo that was all yellow and blue, you'd need to have it covered with darker ink. You can't go lighter, or else the old tattoo will show through.

Every good tattoo shop will keep that a secret, so i assume Miami ink will do the same.

Go to any tattoo shop and they should have ink for sale!

You should not use "homemade" tattoo ink, it is not safe.

red Eternal Inks or Starbrite or Silverback

Let me have a bottle of black ink and you want to do a red tattoo. The ONLY way you can do a red tattoo is to use red ink. No amount of dilution will make black ink red.

For the love of don't! Pen ink is toxic, and is not the same as tattoo "ink". The word "ink" is a misnomer. Tattoo ink is made up of non-toxic pigment. You'd be better off using India Ink if you must go the broke route.

Tattoo ink can last for life when done properly with quality ink. There are many factors that determine the length of time the ink will look nice.

Ink comes from the latin work "inka" which means "decendent of the octopus" tattoo ink comes from underwater squids and octopuses Ink comes from the latin work "inka" which means "decendent of the octopus" tattoo ink comes from underwater squids and octopuses

INK is a another word for tattoo.

you can get all tattoo inks from ebay

Probably you have to get the tattoo recolored.

I have been tattooing for over 6yrs now and have come to find that Intenze ink is the best out there. Not just the Black but also every other color that they have.

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