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What is the best technique to use when hitting drives to the left in golf?

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2006-07-03 12:07:31

Hitting the ball left with your driver could be the result of a

couple of things. First of all make sure your are aligned properly.

Place a club on the ground at the practice range across your toe

line. Address the ball before doing this. Step back and look at the

target and see if the shaft you have placed on the ground is

parallel to the line from the ball to the target (target line).

These lines should be parallel. Most commonly if the shaft line is

left of the parallel then so are your knees, thighs, hips and

shoulders. All of these body parts should be aligned parallel left.

Correct this alignment and see if it helps. If not then you need to

check out your club position at the top of the swing. Practice your

take away until you can get the shaft at the top over the tip of

your shoulder and parallel to the target line. It should be

parallel to the ground also and the face of the club should be at a

45 degree angle to the ground. If the face at the top is "closed"

(facing the sky and parallel to the ground, your have good chance

of hitting the ball to the left of target. Next, practice this

drill: take the club to the top after addressing the ball and start

down slowly using your shoulders to do the work. The shoulders will

feel as if they are working under the shaft--don't start with the

arms! Once the shoulders have started the downswing use the hands

and arms to pull the butt of the club toward the target. Stop the

club when the shaft is parallel to the ground and the butt end of

the grip should be pointing at the target or parallel left of it.

If the butt end is pointing left of target this could be your

problem. You would be "over the plane and the ball will start left.

Remember, the plane is an imaginary flat one that the shaft lies on

at address. It extends from the ground up the shaft, through the

body and into space. Stay on that plane or as close to it as you

can througout the swing with your club shaft and hands. There are

other factors such as grip(see two or three knuckles on your left

hand at address and the right hand is a finger grip-keep the right

palm off the club. But, these suggestions will help and if they

don't -as they say- see a pro! good luck, george

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