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The best soil type for agriculture is loam. Loam is classified as a soil that is made up of approximately 40% sand, 40% silt, and 20% clay.

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Where in Canada is the best soil located for agricultural purposes?

soil is located in the agricultural purposes

Where is the best soil in Canada for agricultural purposes?


What is the texture of laterite soil?

what is texture of literate soil

What does soil texture refer to?

Soil texture refers to what the soil feels like and why.

How is the soil texture of the grassland biome?

what is the soil texture in a grassland biome

Can you use soil texture in a sentence?

soil texture deterimines how much water soil can hold

Is bulk density influence soil texture?

Definitely, soil texture influences soil bulk density

What does texture of soil refer to?

amount of soil

What are the types of soil according to texture?

On the basis of soil texture s0il is divided into how many category

Is particle density influence by the soil texture?

soil texture is heavily influenced by particle density

Which soil has the roughest texture?

Sand has the most roughest texture than any soil possible

What is the texture of fertile soil?

Soft & a Crumbly texture...

What is the difference between soil texture and soil structure in soil science terms?

soil texture refers to particle sizes. whereas soil structure refers to particle arrangements

What are three properties of soil?

soil composition, soil texture, and soil fertility

Which region of Antarctica has the best weather and soil for agricultural?

There are no parts of Antarctica that are suitable for agriculture.

What does the texture and particle size of soil determine?

Soil texture is a measurement of the proportion of mineral particles of different sizes that are found a sample of soil

How is soil categorized?

soil is classified by its texture and what minerals are in it

What is the size of soil particles known as?

Soil texture

What is the texture of soil?

Soil Texture - measurement of the proportion of mineral particles of different sizes that are found in the same sample of soil (sand, silt, clay).

What does the texture or particle size of the soil determine?

soil ferility

What soil has the roughest texture?

The sandy soil has the roughest structure

What is an agricultural system?

Agricultural systems are the systems which are necessary to agriculture simply.For example the texture of the soil is it crumbly is it platy? the type of soil does it contain a lot of sand, clay, loam? How much rain, sun, wind the area receives and the base type of rock granite limestone, chalk. These are but a factors that can effect agriculture.

What is the Soil quality based on the proportions of different sized soil particles?

soil texture

What is the texture of alluvial soil?


What is the texture of chalky soil?