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I use a stiff wire brush to clean them, then put a thin coat of Vaseline on them to help prevent future corrosion.

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How do you reset information panel on a 2008 Chevy Express Cargo van?

I disconnected the positive terminal of battery to remove buildup on connections to under hood fuseblock. cleaned connectedall terminals and van will not turnover. everything is lit up on dash but check engine and battery lite stay on. 2007 chevy express cargo van. thanks, Denny

What is the most commonly used battery?

The most commonly used conventional battery is the "AA" battery as well as the "AAA" battery thanks to technology requiring the use of smaller batteries.

How much does a flashlight battery cost?

A flash light battery typicaly costs $3.99 plus tax. Thanks for reading my answer (:

1991 cadillac 4.9L cranks very slow then faster and starts?

Test battery condition, & terminals. If they check out good, check the starter Thanks. I have had several people tell me it is the starter. Apparently GM solenoids overheat which cause the slow cranking. I will buy a new starter and install an aftermarket heat sheild.

1999 Camry quit running Died while driving Now there is no power getting to the starter The battery is good Any thoughts Thanks?


Can someone tell me where to locate the vacuum operated valve in a 2000 Chevy Blazer Thanks?

remove the battery and the battery tray. It is below the battery tray and is mounted to the inside front of the the wheel well.

Why would a 2000 cavalier not start changed the starter and have a new battery and alternator and also made sure the battery connections were not corroded Thanks for any advice?

Don't just replace parts until you have checked them out and verified that you know what the problem is. Before you replace a starter make sure you know it is getting voltage when you turn the key. By changing so many parts you have made it more difficult to track down the problem. Check the voltage from the keyswitch to the starter when you turn the key. If you don't have a meter, get one. If you do not get voltage when you turn the key, check either the keyswitch or the neutral lockout.

How do you change battery in Infinite M35 key fob?

Hello, These are instructions from 2006 M35 Manual.. 1.Release the lock knob at the back of the Intelligent Key and remove the mechanical key 2. Insert a flat-blad screwdriver wrapped with a cloth into the slit of the corner and twist it to separate the upper part from the lower part. 3. Replace the battery with a new one. Recommended Battery: CR2025 or equivalent Caution: Do not touch the internal circuit and electric terminals as it could cause a malfunction. Thanks, Dallas,Texas

What causes a 2000 ford explorer not to start?

thanks one might be battery or alternatior might be bad

Should you buy a Fujitsu LifeBook N6010LifeBook N6210 battery?

Fujitsu LifeBook N6010,LifeBook N6210 battery for my laptop? How long does the 9-cell battery last? Should I buy a second one? Can people recommend this for me? Thanks!

I am trying to find a compatible battery for a Soxey SR632SW Silver Cell Button battery but I can't find a replacement. Please help. Thanks.?

SR632SW can be replaced with the SR626SW, this battery is readily available at most stockists

How do you remove ignition switch Vauxhall Corsa SXI 2002?

remove battery terminals. so steering wheel airbag does not go off. remove steering covers. remove steering wheel. 2/3 torq screws underneath steering wheel. remove both stalks. then see what else is left and figure it out yourself. many thanks.

89 dodge Dakota no power. Battery is good. starter is good. Tried to jump start and it gets power then but then it still won't start. Wants to but not enough juice. Thanks for the help?

I have had this problem with my 98 Dakota with mine it was just the terminals were bad and corroded >i had the same problem.... under the hood on the firewall looking at the passenger side is a flat braided ground wire.... over time it gets corroded and dirty and gets red hot when starting. visit a local stereo store or any auto store for that matter and get a short heavy gauge wire to relink the engine to the chassis for a better ground. this WAS the problem with mine and the only reason i found it was because i just happened to look at some melting damage on a peice of plastic passenger side of the motor..... good luck!

What facts come of Italian physicists Alessandro Volta's experiment in 1800?

that he made the first battery and thanks to him we have batteries

What should be the right battery for Mercury Mystique 1997 What is the part number Thanks?

Anyplace that sells batteries has this info.

Where is the blower motor on a 1999 jeep wrangler thanks?

remove the battery and the cpu, the blower motor will be right under it.

How much do you get paid for getting a book published?

How much do you get paid when getting a book published, say a poetry book? Thanks, Stella

How do you remove a dresser drawer?

You pull the drawers out and it's open. THANKS! I was getting desperate.

How can I tell of my molly is pregnant She is getting slightly fatter and has a small white lump on her anus, is she diseased Thanks?

Sorry, here is the photo of my fish

What else can I check for 1994 Nissan Sentra 1.6L Manual that only clicks when you turn the key Have checked battery and starter replaced ignition switch and fuses Still nothing Thanks?

One of two things can cause this clicking without a response from the starter, 1 the contacts inside the solenoid are burned or dirty and 2 the starter itself is faulty. The starter solenoid is mounted on the starter. I would assume that this is where the click is coming from there are two large terminals on this solenoid. One is the Battery power direct from the battery and the second is the output to the starter motor. The solenoid is basicaly and electromagnetic switch or relay that makes contact between that battery and the starter when you turn the key. Take a piece of heavy duty wire or a screwdriver and bridge the two bolts on the solenoid where the terminals are afixed , if the starter then turns you can be sure that the solenoid is faulty If the stater does not turn when bridging these two points then you can be sure that there is a fault in the starter motor Hope this is of help

Can you use a 12-volt battery charger to charge a 6-volt battery?

Yes if you wish to blow yourself up! Actually I found out that if you are using a trickle charger, you can. But thanks anyway.

Does the computer on a 1992 Camaro have to be rebooted when it is disconnected from the battery Car will not start checked all connections and they are ok Can't find the problem Thanks?

Any time you disconnect the battery the computer automatically reboots,

How do you know if your external regulator is good on an 89 geo tracker it does not start battery is good thanks?

if the battery is good, it is not the regulator.i would check all fuses first,then check starter solenoid and starter

Have 1992 protege battery goes dead when lights come on.have new battery alternator and wires.Am i missing a relay?


How do reprogram the radio for Hyundai accent 2002 you do have the code thanks?

I have my code I need to know what to do with it so my radio will work the battery was removed.

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