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What is the best timber to use on the top of an above ground swimming pool?


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September 14, 2011 8:32AM

Your best bet wouldn't be timber at all. Its the fairly new decking material that is a mixture of plastic materials and wood fibers. I forget the exact name, but that is what most new decks are being made out of. No maintenance, that's why people like them. And no matter how long they are exposed to the elements, they will never rote. Which would be good around a pool, because whatever material you use will always be wet. Another good point is it looks just like wood, and you don't have to worry about any splinters. The down side is that it is pretty darn expensive.

If you wanted to use REAL wood, I would stick to the very best, and use cedar. Any type will do, although my favorite is red cedar. It has unmatched beauty in the grain and will add character to you whole house. Down sides of REAL cedar is that it too, is very expensive. And you will have to keep up every two years or so with seal coating it, and possibly staining it (if you wish).

I would go with the first one.