What is the best toothpaste?


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2011-08-29 11:16:55
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Colgate Total Advanced*

*number 1 toothpaste reccomended by dentists!


gum problems



sensitive teeth

fresh breath

natural whiteness

strengthens enamel

this is the most advanced toothpaste-- 29 augast 2011


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Colgate Total toothpaste is researched to be the best toothpaste around.

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colgate toothpaste workes the best it keeps your teeth ultra clean and white.

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There isn't really a best brand of toothpaste. The best brand of toothpaste is according to the person who uses it. For example, person A may like Oral-B, but person B may like Crest. So there really is no good or bad toothpaste.

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fluriode toothpaste is the best!! Fluorodine is the best toothpaste as it contain fluoride to help fight cavities and prevent decay.It contains microcleaning crystals for better clean and it is approved for the use by the vegetarian society.

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There is no best plain toothpaste that is good is get rid of scratches; any brand will work.

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