What is the best treatment for copd?

Answer 1 is a must in this disease state. COPD is best looked at from a standpoint of finding out what stage the patient is in. For example, is the patient at the Mild, Moderate, or Severe stage of COPD? The best studied therapy is to add an anticholenergic (Spiriva) in the Moderate stage. Next added to the Spiriva would be a combination of a beta2 agonist combined with a steroid (Advair). Spiriva and Advair are considered the "one two punch" in this disease state. The severe stage would include both plus the possible addition of oxygen. Many patients will continue to smoke, but the absolute cessation of smoking will help greatly. More and more cases are poping up of patients who have never smoked, but are now diagnosed with COPD. Good luck. COPD is treatable, but does not go away. It is a progressive disease that can be managed if treatment guidelines are addressed aggressively. stop moking