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What is the best truck Ford or Chevy?


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August 18, 2010 9:24PM

With the advances in truck and automobile design and technologies in the last few years, any of the three truck manufacturers are going to be about par. All three buy each others trucks and disassemble and study and test each part to determine if it would be cost effective to include such an item or feature into their own future models, or if their own item is better. Do you want a certain type engine? (Cummins, Duramax or Powerstroke?) Which has the more comfortable ride, which has the towing capacity you need? Who will give you the best price and value for your money? Is a longer warranty important to you? You will probably be happy with whichever truck you purchase, but you have homework to do ahead of time. I drive a 1999 Silverado 2500 4x4 (new body style) 6.0L with 210,000 miles and have had great luck with it, however I am a nut for regular maintanence. I like the 2009 GMC Sierra, I think the new Chevy is ugly, but really like the Mega Cab feature that Dodge offers. Ford is okay too, but if I were to buy now, I'd probly get the Dodge with the gasoline engine and the lifetime warranty.

if it's an older model like lets say 80's for instance ford's parts are cheaper on most 80's models but are harder to install i feel and no jokes cause i love ford's; "they brake a lot faster" so in the end your paying more if u get a ford .80's Chevy's trucks like i now have it cost more for the little parts that brake on your truck but once u fix it right they last way longer then fords and there bigger really expensive parts for example transmissions and engines are relatively the same price for stock parts. But like the dude said above now days there really is no competition like there used to be now days is just throwing something together that well run for a long time, so ID say new Chevy, Dodge, and Ford are pretty much the same now days except the tow package's are a little different. But older 80,s 90,s?chevy has them all beat by affordability, installation, longevity and power and this is coming from a ford boy!..