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What is the best type of in-ground pool to install in the Northeast?


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2005-07-09 18:13:32
2005-07-09 18:13:32

Concrete/Gunite with plaster finish. Durability and ability to stand up to the winters. Replacing vinyl liners is a pain, and the appearance isn't as nice as the plaster. You'll only get about 5/6 months a year out of the pool. Don't have a spa included in the build of the pool. Develop a plan so that the spa is integrated, but on its own system, so you can use it year round. Good luck.


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You can install a inground swimming pool by getting a timer kit at your local home improvement store.

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If you are referring to underwater lighting you must install the pool first but before you install the water.

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Do you have a pool light niche already installed in the pool? If not, you need a pool builder to do the job to code.

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it cost from $15K to $100k depending on what you want and where you are.

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