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What is the best type of mineral makeup?

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2009-12-09 18:41:57

Best type of Mineral Makeup Answer

The best type of Mineral Makeup is easily answered as one that

is all natural and pure. Common Minerals are Mica, Titanium

Dioxide, and Zinc Oxide. Dry minerals do not require a

preservative, however many brands of Mineral Makeup will have

additives for shelf life or fillers to expand the product, and some

even add aroma or perfumes to them. Mineral Makeup is made to be

bought and worn, so if you are looking for a Mineral Makeup, pure

and natural can't be wrong.

I feel like the best Type of Mineral makeup is Everyday

Minerals. They are all natural and cruelty free. They have Try Me

Free Kits that you can get for free and they have a new fan Club

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