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Is semigloss latex paint the same as satin?

Normally satin is a lower sheen than semi-gloss.

What is the best type of paint for crown moulding Flat Semi Gloss Satin etc?

I used a White since it goes with everything

Can you mix flat paint with satin or semigloss paint so it won't shine?

Yes, as long as it's the same base.

Should you paint ceilings to show crown moulding?

Sure, or else you wasted a lot of money on crown moulding.

What is the best type of paint for crown moulding Flat Semi-Gloss Satin etc.?

Generally, a satin or semi-gloss sheen is best for decorative trim. The shinier paint will be a bit easier to apply, be smoother after application and will accent the crown molding. I always paint crown, doors, door trim, and baseboards in high gloss. Here in the south we also use only one color, white. I also use ceiling paint as the primer coat because I paint it (the crown moulding) when I paint the ceiling. Then I apply 1 coat of high gloss on the crown. Then I paint the last coat that has been thinned a little with water (2 tablespoons per cup of paint) This goes on very fast and smoothe and when finished looks like wet vanilla ice cream. When you paint high gloss, be advised that you have to keep a wet leading edge, meaning that if you stop painting and the paint is allowed to dry, it will show where you stopped and then restarted. The same is true for semi gloss and satin.

How much semigloss and flat paint equal satin paint or eggshell paint?

If you mix a flat and semi-gloss 1:1 you should end up with a paint in the eggshell range. Mix the same paints 1:3 and you should end up with a satin. Experiment with small amounts to get the desired gloss.

Can paint for crown molding be a latex satin wall and trim paint?

Yes or it can be the same as the wall paint if it should be flat.

What is the best way to prepare a semigloss wall for satin paint?

Primer for the 1st coat. Have it tinted with color you plan to paint to make application of paint go faster. You may get away with only painting one coat if lucky!

Can you paint semigloss over flat paint?

Yes, you can, provided they are the same base. At least, NOT latex semigloss over an enamel or oil base.

Can you paint satin paint over satin paint?


Can you paint wood furniture with a latex semigloss paint?

if you use primer first

What type of paint should you use on mobile home bedrooms?

Since most mobile homes get hot and cold year round. I would use an interior/exterior latex paint. A satin or semigloss would be best so you may wash it.

What type of paint for kitchen?

Semigloss on walls and melamine for cabinets.

Does oil based paint come in semigloss?

Yes, of course.

Can you mix a semigloss paint with a satin paint?

As long as they are the same base, ie latex and latex, or oil and oil, then it will not be a problem mixing sheens. Just make sure that you have enough to complete your job with, hopefully, a little touch up paint left because you probably will not be able to match it in the future.

How much to install crown moulding per ft?

I charge $2 per foot for all moldings. (located in CT) Does not include paint or stain.

Does sherwin Williams have a product for making satin paint flat?

If you want to turn your satin paint into flat wall paint simply mix one to one. One gallon of flat to each gallon of satin. The flat wall paint will obliterate any sheen the satin once had.

Can you get semigloss paint in water paint?

Latex and acrylic (both water-based paints) do come in a semi-gloss finish.

How can I Turn flat paint into satin paint?

You can't

Can you make a satin finish paint a flat finish paint?

mix a gallon of flat latex paint with your satin latex paint and you will reduce the statin gloss by 50 percent

What are the ingredients for satin paint?

There are different kinds of satin paint - you'd have to know if it was latex, oil, enamel, alkyd etc.

Can you paint with semi gloss over satin paint?

Yes this should not be a problem. Satin paint makes a better base for instance then gloss paint. Always clean and sand the area you intend to paint.

Can you put eggshell paint over satin paint?

yes, although with every paint job you should prepare the surface first. It is easier to put eggshell paint over satin paint finishes, but it is harder to do the opposite. To put a satin paint over an eggshell paint, you would have to sand to obtain a smooth surface first.

Will flat paint work over semigloss paint?

There are flat paints that are made to go over semigloss paint. Many inexpensive flat paints will peel almost immediately when laid over semigloss. The most common solution is to roughen the surface of the semigloss (sandpaper, sandblasting, steel wool, or trisodium phosphate). The actual requirement is to remove alkyds which migrate to the surface of some semigloss and gloss paints. The alkyds make it impossible for latex or acrylic to bond to the surface underneath. You also have to remove buildup of dirt, mildew, etc. Most primers are suitable for recoating semigloss. Read the label. A layer of primer followed by your flat paint is generally the best solution if the surface is relatively clean. Benjamin Moore Fresh Start interior / exterior acrylic primer is one example of a good primer for this application.

Do you paint baseboard moulding gloss or semi gloss?

Base board moulding tends to look better as a semi-gloss.