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Any type of sex is the best

the best sex it the all night sex

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What is the best type of birth control?

Don't Have SEX!

What type of sex do men like best?


How can you have the best sex of your life?

Have sex with Devezas

What is best type of ex to take?

One that wasn't mean to you when you first went out with him/her. One that didn't always ask you for sex. If they only asked about sex, that's all they care about.

What is the Best medicine for sex?

There is no medicine that is good for sex.

Type of cells division that produce sex cells?

The type of cell division that produces sex cells is meiosis. Mitosis is the division of non-sex cells.

Can a person with blood type o positive get hiv from sex?

People with any blood type can get HIV from sex. There is not a blood type that is immune to HIV.

What is the best sex statement?

Don't have sex, you will get pregnant, and die!

If your taking Viagra and drank a redbull are there any type of side affects?

If you call the best sex ever a side effect, then yes.

What type of sex chromosomes does a female have?

Females have XX sex chromosomes, males have an XY sex chromosomes.

What can stop you getting pregnant?

Any type of birth control and you should discuss that with your doctor, which one is best for you. If you've already had sex you can take the morning after pill up 72 hours after sex. After that there is nothing to do.

Is it alright to talk about opinions of sex and that type of stuff with the opposite gender if they are your best friend?

Yes it is ok because you get to know what really do opossite sex want and it makes you aware what you are goin to be up against.Lilsexgansta

What is the best sex?


What a girl likes best in sex?

I think they enjoy much of foreplay and cuddling. Its turns them on to give their best in Sex.

What is the best way not to get a girl pregnant?

by having no sex or protected sex

What type of sex was Hestia?

She is female.

What enjoy sex?

Learn to type.

What type of cell divsion creates sex cells?

Meiosis is the type of cell division performed to create gametes(sex cells)

Is type 1 diabetes sex-linked or sex-influenced?

Researchers have not shown any gender linkage with type 1 (or type-2) diabetes.

When is the best time to sex a girl?

The best time to have sex with a girl is when the girl is the most interested in sex. Try to romance her, listen and be considerate and compassionate, and of course ask her.

To become pregnant what type of sex the couples can do?

Any kind of penetrating vaginal sex will do.

Is putting the penis in the inner lips sex?

Sex is ANY type of genital contact.

What is the name of the type of marriage with two individuals of the same sex?

Same-sex marriage.

Type of reproduction that requires the joining of two sex cells?

The type of reproduction that requires the joining of two sex cells is call sexual.

What is the best sex like you need to know wat to do to your girlfriend?

Anal Sex.