What is the best type of shark to keep if you have an outdoor swimming pool?

A pool shark!!!! I don't think a shark could live in someones backyard pool. While not very likely, it is possible to keep a shark in a pool. Just paying for all the "instant ocean" (salt mix for marine aquariums) alone would absolutely kill the idea though. However... lets say you're a multimillionaire... and you can afford all the "pool upgrades" that would need to take place to make this feasible. You could keep a small species of shark. Say, one that reaches no more than about three feet in length. However, if you could afford all the upgrades your swimming pool would need, you'd be able to afford to have a custom enclosure built specifically for housing said shark - and you'd both be a lot happier for it. Hope that helps. ;) Dog-ma

Why not try some piranhas instead? Effective little workers! I mean: They really clean up!