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Dodge. Straight up.

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Q: What is the best used diesel pickup truck?
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How do I know if a used pickup truck is of decent quality?

The best way to tell if a used pickup truck is of decent quality is to have a mechanic in your area check it out. To locate a mechanic in your area, either search the yellowpages, yelp, or online.

What dealership would sell a pickup truck?

There are a lot of different dealerships that would sell either a new or used pickup truck. You can just go to the dealer and see which one you like the best

What kind of pickup truck should I get for pleasure, not business use, in Michigan?

The best pickup truck for pleasure, as opposed to business depends on what it will be used for. For hauling and muddy roads, a truck with a large payload and wide wheel base is ideal.

Who sells used diesel pickup trucks in the North Carolina area? and will help you find dealer who sells used diesel pickup trucks in the North Carolina area. Additionally, you may be able to find used diesel pickup trucks on eBay or Craigslist.

What brand and type of used pickups are considered the best on the market?

The Toyota Tacoma is one of the best most reliable used pickup truck. It may be expensive at times but is well worth it. the best brand of pickup truck out there is ford all the way. i have not seen a better ford since year 2000.

What questions should I ask before buying a used pickup truck?

When buying a used pickup truck, you should as about the engine (how many miles it has on it); ask about the milage per gallon; ask if it has been in any accidents; and ask what the towing capacity is. Before buying a used pickup truck, you should ask about the mileage of the truck. Then you can ask for a carfax to see the history of the pickup truck and finally you can ask about the price.

Why diesel is used in truck?

Because diesel is efficient fuel which decreases the stroke

Where can a person purchase a used Chevrolet pickup truck?

Bill's Chevy is the place to buy and used chevrolet pickup. There are loads to choose from. Love chevy they are tough and affordable. give it your best shot.

Where is the best place in the central Ohio area to list my used Ford pickup truck for sale?

The best place yo list your used Ford truck is through your local newspaper's classified ad section, or on

Is there a carburetor in a diesel truck?

No. There are carbureted diesel engines, but they're mostly used in models.

Where can one find a used pickup truck for sale?

Who should you buy a used pickup truck from?

A used pick up truck would best be found on your local Craigslist. If not there, then your local newspaper is your next best bet, as there are not only used car dealers advertising there, but persons looking to sell their car on their own.

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