What is the best vet school?

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While vet schools around the world are ranked annually, the rankings change from year to year and are partially based on non-academic metrics like total grant funding and number of publications by faculty. Any college or university that has an accredited veterinary medicine program will provide a good education, so I would suggest focusing more on which is the best fit for your finances and your career aspirations. For instance, while every vet school will cover the standard domestic animals, only a few vet schools have a strong exotic animal (avian, reptile, amphibian, etc.) program while others have a good marine animal track or excellent opportunities for federal/regulatory medicine. Also, particularly in the United States, the cost of vet school can vary widely depending upon your residency status within the school's state.

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Q: What is the best vet school?
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What is the top veterinarian school in the US?

UC Davis in CA. They are the best known vet school for a good reason.

What are the quaifacations to become a vet?

Vet school and licensing. Vet school is about like medical school, but it is harder. People are built the same, but a vet deals with several species.

What is the best medication for a staph infection in a dog?

The BEST answer is to ask your vet, but my GF who is in vet school, and works at a vet clinic says that Cephalexin is pretty decent at treating bacteria related infections. PLEASE do NOT take this as THE BEST answer ... only your VET knows that. Each case is different .. which is why only your VET could know. This is only a vaguely "generalized" answer.

How much does vet school cost at Vet Tech Institute?

?????/?????? I went to The Vet Tech Institute. It is not a vet school. It's a vet tech school and my tuition was almost $30,000. I went to the one in Pittsburgh, PA

How do you become a horse Vet?

you have to go to college then got to vet school and take the horse class in vet school

What is the best high school in philadelphia to go to become a vet?

walter biddle saul high school agricultural science

How do you start on becoming a vet?

go to vet school.

What is a good vet school in Michigan?

Michigan State is a good vet school in Michigan.

How long does it take for vet school?

It takes about two years or more in vet school

How long do have to be in vet school?

In both ways you have to go to vet school for 4 years.

What are the best colleges in Mississippi?

There is only one vet school in Mississippi - Mississippi State University.

Can you train to be a vet as a mature student?

Yes, there is no age limit in the United States on the applicants to vet school. I know of one vet student that was over 50 when he started vet school - he had been in the military for 20 years and after he retired from the military he went back to school and was accepted to vet school.

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