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What is the best way for a shorter person to shoot effectively?


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2005-01-07 14:16:21
2005-01-07 14:16:21

Just wait for a pick or brake their ankles and shoot like everyone else


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There is no one "best" gun. A gun that works well for one person may be too big or too for another person to shoot accurately. Generally speaking, the "best" gun is one that is reliable and that the individual can shoot well.

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It's best to shoot in the corners and a little below the middle.

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The best thing to do is try and hide and call the police. if you shoot the person you will have that thought for the rest of your life. also if you shoot someone you are immediatly classed as a murderer. If you're asking if it is legal, it depends on the circumstances and the state laws where you live.

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I usually do best after midnight

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the best way to shoot a basketball is to keep your knees bent and elbows in

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