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I'm afraid there's not a best way to buy a prom dress but some suggestions maybe helpful to you. If plenty of dollars and time are available, just go to the shopping malls to search some stores you like.but it always pays to do your research before your hit the stores.You can pick up a summer style in the fall. Go for something basic like a black cocktail dress or a simple satin sheath so as not to risk looking 'so last year.' Then stash it away so you don't catch a glimpse every time you peer in your closet. Bring it out closer to prom time and it'll feel brand-new. If there aren't many dress stores in your area, buying online can give you access to a lot more options. Or if you're shopping on a budget, you can find great deals online that stretch your money further. However, dress shopping on the web comes with a few major caveats. And this is always the best way for me to buy a prom dress I think…

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Q: What is the best way to buy a prom dress?
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How do I know what kind of prom dress will be flattering on me?

The best way is to try on the prom dress. It is also helpful to bring someone along like your date who can tell you if you look good in it or not.

Senior Prom Dress Choice Time?

Senior prom dresses range from simple to glitzy, so what type will you purchase to wear at your senior prom? Simple dresses tend to be a lot less expensive than the glamorous dresses, but senior prom is certainly considered a once in a lifetime event. If you want to wear a glamorous dress during your senior prom, you should be able to. Keep in mind that your parents have a big say in which dress you will be allowed to wear. You may not want to hear your mother’s opinion regarding your prom dress choice, but it is a good idea to listen to her and take her advice. If your mother doesn’t want you wearing a certain dress to the senior prom, it might be best to go shopping with her for the dress. That way, your mom can give you feedback on what type of dress she thinks is appropriate to wear to the senior prom. If you have a job and can afford to pay for your own prom dress, then you should really do so. If you do not yet have a job and don’t have any money saved up to pay for your prom dress, then you should ask your parents if they can possibly help you pay for it. If your parents can afford to buy you an extravagant senior prom dress, then consider yourself to be very lucky. However, even if your parents have a smaller budget, you can certainly find a senior prom dress that you will like. If your senior prom is during the fall or winter, do realize that you may need to wear a jacket or shawl with your prom dress in order to stay warm. Likewise, make sure you don’t wear a long-sleeved prom dress in the summer (as it will definitely be way too warm). Sometimes retailers sell boleros to go along with their winter senior prom dresses, which makes it really convenient to find a bolero to match your dress.

Where can you donate a prom dress?

well at my school they have this prom dress sell or something like that were they get a bunch of dresses and sell them for cheeper then what you bought them. after the dress is sold then i think that you and the people that helped you sell the dress get the money i know that you get the money but i dont know what they get. but this way you make some extra money and you get rid of your prom dress

BEST way to ask a girl to a prom?

will you go to the prom with me?

What is the best way to ruin a senior prom?

The best way to ruin a Senior prom is to cancel on your date at the last second.

Where can I find the best value for prom dresses online?

The best way to save money on a prom dress and still get good quality is to contact Cinderella's Closet - its a non-profit organization that donates dresses, shoes, makeup, jewelry etc to make sure every girl has the prom of her dreams, here is a website

Where to buy prom dresses?

FashionTIY is a good choice. Everyone around them is using it.

How do you choose a prom dress?

The prom should be the highlight of a young girl's high school years. The prom is such a meaningful event, you will want to be sure to get the perfect dress for it. Now we will show you how to find a dress that fits you perfectly. Do you know which style of prom dresses is right for you? And how can you find a decent prom dress that fits your body figure and personality perfectly? Here we have some tips for you. The key to find the right prom dress is knowing your own figure. Don't judge a dress by looking at the model shown on magazines or on websites. There are all in perfect figure. But in real life, things don't go in the same way. You will realize that wonderful prom dresses that look fabulous on those models just won't look right on a young teenage girl. But don't be upset, there are some beautiful prom dresses which will look good on you. You just need to find them. Before finding the right prom dress for you, you need to have a overall look on yourself, like your height and your body shape. There are some decent prom dresses which will make you look taller than your real height, while others do the opposite. If you are a petite size and want to look taller, look no further, a sheath or A-line style prom gown will make it. If worn a prom dress which is with complex designs, it will only take away from your height. Especially don't try ball gowns, that will ruin your prom night.

What is the proper etiquette for a junior prom I understand what people do for senior prom but I don't know what is expected this year?

It's basicaly the same. I ware a dress and the way I look, I could pass as a senior!

Where can I find cheap,high quality prom dresses?

Buying a prom dress online is a great way to save money while still finding a dress that looks amazing and fits you well. Check out

What is a clever way to ask a runner girl to prom preferably running related?

ask her how fast she can run in a dress.... then say you could probally beat her in a tux.... then say you should use the prom as a raceway.

What is the episode called for life with Derek when casey goes to prom and Derek ruins her dress?

that episode is called make no prom-ises by the way do you know which eisode it is when casey mistakes derek for sam and kisses him?

What is the best way to dress?

The best way is how you wanna dress. It has to be your style. Just don't make it guaty....not a bunch of patterns put together...ECT.

Buy A Cute Prom Dress Online And Save?

Although prom season has already passed, many people already know that the best time to buy a prom dress is in the off-season anyways. Buying a dress in the months leading up to prom might mean that you will end up overpaying by quite a lot of money. Instead, you would be wise to start shopping immediately after prom in order to find the best deal for the following year. Then you won’t even have to worry about choosing a dress the following year because you’ll already have one picked out. Then in the time between you can simply focus on accessorizing instead. Many people aren’t thinking that far ahead, but cute prom dresses can be obtained any time of the year. You can also find a wonderful selection of prom dresses online for much cheaper than retail stores. When it comes to retail, there is always a huge mark-up so you can end up paying twice as much as the dress is worth. You could instead find the dress online at a factory direct or discount site in order to save hundreds of dollars. It might be the best thing you can do for your prom budget next year. In addition to finding a beautiful dress, you could also look for more laid back dresses that you can use at weddings and various occasions any time. Every woman should have an arsenal of dresses that she can pull out at a moment’s notice. It will save you hundreds of dollars every year if you have tons of cute prom dresses to choose from for special occasions. There are so many ways to try to stretch your dollar these days so make sure you are doing everything you can to save money all year round. That way you will have more money to spend updating your wardrobe and accessories instead. Finding cute prom dresses online has never been easier. You are sure to find a style and cut that is perfect for you. Plus, you will end up saving hundreds of dollars so you won’t feel like your breaking the bank every time you go to prom. It will be wonderful to have a few extra dollars in your pocket at the end of the next prom season, won’t it?

What is the best way to dress like Vanessa Hudgens?

Dress like a hoochie mama!!

How do you get a guy to ask you to the prom?

You could dress to impress, flirt with him some, and let him know you're interested by the way you look, smile, and talk to him, if all these fail, just ask hm to prom your self if you are pretty sure he likes you.

How can a man determine the right woman for himself?

Same way a woman finds a good dress. Try a bunch on and buy the one that suits best.

Should you go to homecoming?

of coarse your only young once have as much fun as possiable i am !(: go with a short dress though then when it comes to your prom time go with a longer dress its alot cuter and better that way.

Should I rent a limo for my Prom?

Renting a limo for prom can be a great way to enjoy a special night. It's best to split the cost among a number of friends.

How do you clean satin wedding dress?

Your best bet is to take your dress to a place where they only specialize in bridal gown preservation. There, they will clean your dress for you. It is best to get your dress cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding day, this way your dress won't become yellow with age. Its best to get it cleaned once every year or so, that way it will look as beautiful as the day you bought it.

What is the best way to ask a girl out to the prom if she's not in the same class anymore and I only see her in the hallway?

The best way to ask this girl to prom would be to go somewhere after school. The best place would be to go out to dinner or lunch if you could. Also, another way would to ask her after school. You could ask in the hallway but it wouldn't be very effective.

Why do goths dress the way they dress?

Why do you dress the way you dress? Because you like it.

What does bedragged mean?

Do you mean bedraggled? If so, it means the way a girl would look if she stood out in the rain in her best prom dress for a half an hour. How a guy would look if he was obliged to help push pigs onto a truck while wearing his best suit. It means dirty and disheveled.

What is best for prom limo or bentley?

Bentley... everyone takes a limo so a Bentley will stand out in a good way..

Where can one find tuxedo rentals for your prom?

The best way to locate tuxedo rentals for prom is to check with local bridal, formalwear and menswear shops. These can be found by looking through the telephone directory.