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Narcissism is a serious diagnosed disorder, the symptoms and signs of which do not include hypersensitivity. In fact, a true narcissist is very much the opposite; cold, unfeeling toward others and extremely self assured.

AnswerThe narcissist I was, and still am involved with to a lesser degree, is super hypersensitive and super cold. I'm not sure if the hypersensitivity is a charade or what. I'm inclinded to think it is a tool for manipulation and she uses it well. She would go into the hypersensitive mode and then the next day be cold as ice. The interesting thing is that she told me she would do this with her ex huband - how she would cry and cry and how he would say how sorry he was and then how much she would hate him for being so sorry afterwards. If you show too much sympathy they will hate you because of your weakness. The fact that you are asking this question tells me that you are in a real pickle. I'm not sure why you would want to stay in this relationship, but you are certainly not the first person who has wanted to stay and with devestating consequences. Narcissists can do a tremendous amount of damage to your psyche. What is it that we find so aluring about them? Is it their intensity? Great sex? Is it because they are total jerks? - I doubt that one. Here's what you do to keep your sanity if you want to hang in there. Be strong, and be kind. Never say a derogatory remark to them or question their weirdness, they will never understand how you could feel this way and think of you as weak and a complete moron. Strength, strength, strength. When they get weird look at them out of the corner of your eye and shake your head slowly and then walk away in a casual manner. They may hate you for it and may not want to see you again (a good thing) but they will respect you, and you will respect yourself. AnswerQUOTE: "Narcissism is a serious diagnosed disorder, the symptoms and signs of which do not include hypersensitivity"


They are hypersensitive about anything that affects THEM. I should know, I was married to one for nearly 20 years

2011-05-20 22:17:31
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Q: What is the best way to cope with a narcissistic hypersensitive person without having to change your own personality?
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Why would the narcissistic ex play tricks and mind games and refuse to talk about it when confronted?

If an ex is truly narcissistic (clinically diagnosed), that kind of personality disorder will not own up to their actions. The person feels no need to change, or to talk about how behaviors affect you.

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How do you deal with a narcissistic partner?

Once you recognize that your partner has that personality disorder - If you choose to stay with him or her - you must protect yourself. Do so by reading up on the disorder - and UNDERSTAND what you are dealing with - read what the experts advise how to protect yourself. And do it. Remember that the narcissist is not going to change. YOU must understand that and change yourself - protect yourself. Remember always that your partner is not going to change. Ever. Good luck.

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