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By entertain, I assume that it is NOT to keep him busy so that you can do something else. I recommend learning "Floor Time" - a good overview of floortime: Not only will the child be entertained, but will be interacting with you, and learning at the same time. A more scientific resource:

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What is the best dog for kids with autism?

A german sheperd and a pekinise at the same time.

Can you be cured if you have autism?

There is no known cure for autism at this time.

What disorder worse autism add or ADHD?

autism most of the time.

What is mild autism and how do you overcome it?

There's no such thing as 'mild autism' - a person is Autistic, how severely they are affected may vary and change over time. Autism isn't something that you overcome, it's who a person is and like any other neurology they work with their Autism rather than against it to be their best selves.

Can autism be cured at the present time?

At the present time no.

When was The Best of Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour created?

The Best of Bob Dylan's Theme Time Radio Hour was created in 2008.

What can you do to entertain a 5 year old without being with her all the time?

give them a paper and loads of crayons and leave them to draw. buy them dolls and leave them to entertain themselves with it. let them watch cartoons on the tv. leave them at their friends' house for about an hour or so.

Can you get autism in any other ways?

You cannot 'get' autism, you are born Autistic. Autism is a neurological difference so you're Autistic from the time your brain develops in the second trimester. Autism is a result of genetic factors.

Your twin has autism will your baby have autism too?

There is this possibility but there is no way to know for sure. There is no genetic testing at this time to determine how much genetics plays a role in autism.

Is soy beans bad for children with autism?

No, unless they are allergic, I have autism and eat soybeand all the time

How do cheetahs entertain themselves?

Cheetahs to entertain themselves they lay down, and lick themselves most of the time!

How does autism spread among humans?

Autism isn't a disease and thus it does not 'spread'. Autism is a neurological difference, similar to race it's something you are born as and not something that you get at a later time.

Does Mark Haddon have autism?

Mark Haddon's knowledge people with autism spectrum disorders displayed in his novel, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, comes from his experience working with people with autism. There is no indication that he has Asperger's Syndrome or autism.

Why is there no cure for autism?

Autism isn't a disease or illness, there is no cure for Autism just as there is no cure for being black/African-American. So far we don't even know the causes of Autism, but hopefully in time as we learn more about Autism we will improve tolerance so no one would seek to 'cure' autism.FYI the only way to 'cure' Autism would be to wipe out all Autistic people.

Did Isaac Newton have autism?

Yes, it is believed that Isaac Newton had Autism. At the time he was alive Autism wasn't a diagnosis, but we can look at behavioral traits of historical figures to assess them as being Autistic.

What causes or type of mutation autism is?

Unknown at this time.

Can a 2 year old get rid of autism?

No - no one can 'get rid' of autism. Autism is a neurological difference...the only way to 'get rid' of autism then would be to 'get rid' of a persons brain, which obviously isn't an option. Although autism can be a disability for many it can also be an advantage to many, even if a 2 year old is severely affected by their autism they may improve over time.

Best time of day to get fresh KFC chicken?

half an hour after they open. 10.30 am

What happens if autism goes away?

Autism doesn't 'go away'. Autism is a neuroloigcal difference so a person is born autistic and continues to be autistic their entire lives, the only time that autism goes away would be if an autistic person was to die. As long as there are autistic people autism will always be here.

What are signs of mild autism?

There is no such thing as 'mild autism'. A person is either autistic or they are not, how they are effected can vary greatly from person to person and change over time - a person can be mildly affected, they do not have 'mild autism'.

What time period would be best for a board game?

4th hour, thats lunch time.

Can autism be detected by an ultrasound?

No, Autism cannot be detected by ultrasound and hopefully pre-natal screening for Autism will not be developed during the time that ableism still exists against Autistic people. Autism can only be diagnosed through assessment by a trained professional who assesses behaviour.

How does having autism affect your lifestyle?


How can you tell if a child has autism?

The website provided below provides a comprehensive list of tips and suggestions if one suspects that a child has Autism. It is extremely important to take action immediately... time is of the essence as early intervention is a crucial factor in determining best outcomes.

Can autism be healed?

Autism is ranged on a scale from mild to severe. If you have a severe case, it can reach mild on its own over time. But, can never be healed.