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It will take some time. As with any relationship. I wish you all the best of luck:)

2006-07-20 00:59:02
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How do you take revenge form best friend?

donot do anything back.say face to face that they donot deserve ur friendship and never speak to them.say that they donot know the friendship value..........

Who is hairwoman in the book Speak?

the Hairwoman is Melinda's English teacher who never shows her face...

How could God speak to Moses face to face as a man speaks wih his friend?

According to the Bible, God never spoke with Moses "face to face." Moses was never allowed to look at God in the face, because to do so would kill him. He was able to glimpse the back of God once.

Is it better to call a girl or to talk to her face to face to ask her out?

Face to face is always the best choice. Never go with emails, or phone calls, or text messaging, and certainly not via friends. Face 2 face is always the best choice!

What problems did the face?

what problems did the face what...? Sorry i don't speak stupid!! speak english!

What are the advantages and disadvantages of phones?

Advange: You can speak to someone quickly even though you are not in the same area. Disadvantage: You lose social skills by never having to confront someone face to face.

How can God speak to you face to face as a friend?

In the spiritual world.

What part of your face does rhyme with weak?

Cheek, Speak (mouth on the face)

Does the Bible speak of seeing his face?

His face is , the face of the bible the unknow , the ugly , the hot , the bad ! The bible clearly can speak of cource just ask it if if it speaks of seeing his face because obviously that's what the question is saying

What act and scene does hamlet tells Ophelia he love her?

He doesn't. We do hear Polonius read out a love letter he had written to Ophelia in II, 2 in which he twice says he loves her: "Doubt truth to be a liar, but never doubt I love." and "But that I love thee best, oh most best, believe it." However, we only see them speak face to face once, in Act III Scene 1, and Hamlet never tells her that he loves her. At her funeral he screams out. "I LOVED OPHELIA!" but it is of course too late by then.

What does a spider tattoo on the face by the eye mean?

when you get out of prision, you get a spider tattoo to stand for every spider youve killed in prision. Its only for the hardcore thugs. #$thug life$

How do you solve the dragons face lock on counterfeit island on poptropica?

you look all over the island for small pieces of paper once youve found all of them you can figure it out.

How do you get a girl in 6th garde and is in the same 6th grade class as me and you aready screwed up and she hates you and you tried everything?

Trust me you have not tried everything i would try to apologize to her face to face for everything youve done and ask for forgivness if she says no and keeps hatung u then tell her your sorry she feels that way and you wish you could make it up to her and walk away and let her think about what youve just said

Why do people speak over the phone?

They speak over the phone because they sometimes have a continuous and they don't want to speak face to face and also they might not no where the person lives so it is just a easier way in general.

Did saladin and Richard ever meet face to face?

Saladin and Richard never met face to face.

How was Moses in the bible the only one to speak to God face to face?

He was the greatest of prophets (Deuteronomy 34), which is why that expression (face to face) is used only for him.

Who are the best face lift surgeons in the country?

The best face lift surgeons are the ones that have a university PHD. They must be certified and the authentic ones should always have their past work available so it is always good to take a look and speak with their current or past patients.

When did Bill Clinton have a face lift?

He never had a face lift

What could cause numbness of hands arms and face?

It can be caused by poor circulation of blood in the body. It can also be caused by anxiety. It is best to speak with your doctor.

How do you use the word hologram in sentence?

"Bring up a hologram of him, I wish to speak with him face to face."

How do you break up with your gf?

Never through a text, phone call, FaceBook, or third party. Be a man & handle it face to face. Honestly, (although it might be painful and/or hurtful), is ALWAYS the best policy. Also, NEVER say, "It's not you, it's me."

If it's Summer break and you never get to see your boyfriend because of that how do you break up with him face to face for another guy who it his best friend?

You don't, that's messed up and makes you a tramp.

How would you make a pitbull on sims 2 pets ps2?

When you go into select a breed chose bull dog change the colour and the face and change its behaver and youve got a pitbull

Is it wrong to fall for a person you've never met face to face?


Where did Mary visit Elizabeth?

The two never met face to face.