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What is the best way to keep under coating from catching fire while oxy act welding fine cracks in gas tank?


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2004-09-19 11:42:29
2004-09-19 11:42:29

First of all, if your welding on a gas tank while it still in the car I would think that the undercoating is going to be the LEAST of your worries. I dont know who told you that you could weld that up but they have lost their minds. Dont do that without taking the gas tank out and filling it full of water before you even start. I hope your still alive. Ray You're joking, right? This is not believable. I hope you didn't post this in hopes some other idiot would try it? Step away from the car, give the keys to a responsible adult.


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Many problems can be experienced in welding including cracks, infusions and distortion. Generally these can be avoided by eliminating hydrogen, keeping temperature under control and controlling the atmospheric pressure of the environment.

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