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What is the best way to learn HTML coding?

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You can consult O'Reilly's "Head First HTML with CSS and XHTML". There are many books on HTML out there, and I have gone through a lot of them, but I would suggest this one, because it does exactly what it says on the tin, that is, it assumes no prior knowledge of any mark-up language. Other books claim this too, though they don't succeed that much. The entire book is written interactively, to the point that you will really enjoy learning HTML, and explanation of each single question that might crop up is done so lucidly that you will fall in love with the series. Try it.

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Can you start a website if you don't know HTML?

You can code a website in a different coding language, for example PHP or JSP. However it's advised you learn HTML first as it's the easiest and is needed in many other coding languages too. If you find HTML too difficult then there's no way you'd be able to grip PHP or any other advanced coding language.

What are the best places to learn how to write HTML code?

The best place to learn how to code HTML is youtube. You can watch tons of tutorial videos. After that, however, it's important to just open up NotePad and begin practicing. Launching your own website is the best way to get real experiences.

How do you write HTML Code?

You write in HTML by using a variety of codes such as <HTML><B><BR><UL><Color> ect, to tell the internet browser what to display, HTML coding is a way of getting the browser to display what you want it to, and where you want it to be placed.

How do you make Friendster layouts?

By using PHOTOSHOP n CORELDRAW n PAGEMAKER.The best way would be to learn HTML and CSS and learn to build your own.yes good answer

How do you learn HTML in easy way? is one place, there are tons of resources on the Internet to learn HTML , the quickest and easiest way would be to watch an online HTML video tutorial such as this one With the excellent visual aids and demonstrations included in the video, you should have an excellent start to learning and using HTML. It depends on how you learn HTML, there are tons of resources on the Internet to learn HTML , the quickest and easiest way would be to watch an online HTML video tutorial such as this one With the excellent visual aids and demonstrations included in the video, you should have an excellent start to learning and using HTM the easy way.

How do you send a HTML attachment?

You can save your HTML file from the browser as an Archived HTML file, but the best way to send a HTML file and its folders is to zip it.

How easy is it to learn profile php?

Learning profile PHP is a great way of being able to produce dynamic web content. Simple PHP profiling is relatively easy for those with a fundamental knowledge of html coding. Advanced PHP applications take time to learn, and will involve a great deal of study.

What is the best way of learning?

The best way to learn depends on how you learn. If you learn by doing, then you will need to actively participate in the learning process.

How can i create my websit?

There are a few ways you can do it. One way is to learn HTML and code it yourself, then either set up your own server or find a web host. But if you don't want to learn HTML, you could learn a free sitebuilder like

How design a webpage in XHTML?

The best way to learn how to design a webpage is getting some book and tutorials in XHTML and Photoshop. Go through them,practice coding and start analyzing other web sites.

Best way to learn American English?

The best way to learn American English is to live in the states. When you are surrounded in American culture you will learn the language quicker.

How do you create web page HTML coding?

As for a place to type your code, with Windows, you can use the Notepad program (for very basic code). Once you have finished your code, save the file with ".html" at the end of the file name. If you save it as .html then you can open it and it will open in your internet browser as a webpage. If you actually want to get some coding going, you should download programs like Notepad++. The other user posted that you should use Eclipse but I can tell you from personal experience that Eclipse is for guys who have been in the field for a long time with years of experience. I am a fluent HTML programmer but Notepad++ is much easier to work with either way. As for starting your HTML documents:

What is the best way to learn algorithm?

Learn The Art of Computer Programming. Dr.Knuth Books Vol 1 -7 The BEST way to learn algorithm is to SIT & STUDY

What is the best way to learn an alphabet?

flashcards are one of the best ways to learn a new alphabet.

What is the best way to learn mandarin chinese?

"The best way to learn any language is to purchase the Rosetta Stone program. It's fairly inexpensive, and is an easy way to learn a language pretty fast."

What is the easiest way for a child to learn Chinese?

There is no easy way.. it is the hardest language to learn.... the best way can be using rossetta stone... they have the best possible setups and tools to help you learn any language

How do I create a my own business website?

The best way to create your own business website is to learn HTML. Then look for a host that has wordpress and sign up. Use wordpress to create content for your business.

What Is The Best Way To Learn How To Do A Flip On Skis?

Learn how to do one on a trampoline.

What is the best way to learn to play the piano?

The best way to learn the piano is by having a piano teacher. However, one can definitely learn on their own if they have an interest in playing the piano.

What is the easiest way to create a web page?

The easiest way to start a web page would be to learn the basics. Grab a book from a book store or library. You need to learn the basics of html and designing.

What is the best way to learn conversational spanish?

The best way to learn conversational Spanish is to spend time in a country where Spanish is spoken.By listening to people talking in this language you will learn it quicker.

What is the best way for beginners to master web?

The best way to master the web is to learn. the way you learn is by reading relevant articles off blogs and industry leading sites.

How can one learn how to create a free website?

The best place to start your business online and sell your products to create a website at the lowest possible costs and with high quality For $ 3.99 you can build your first website. Website link: Put the link on Google, and the site will appear for you ..... Here links are not allowed to be published

What is the best way to code?

Obtain an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the best way to start coding. The modern IDE contains intellisense, a feature that guides you through out the programming.