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Short of Liposuction, there's no way to target weight/fat loss. You have to eat less/healthier, exercise more and lose some fat all over.

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Q: What is the best way to loose hip fat?
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What is the best way to lose leg fat?

THE best way to loose leg fat is to exercise them. You can try dancing and yes jazz and salsa are the best forms of dance to loose limb fat or the best is swimming so try it and tell me how it was

What is the best way to get rid of loose stomach fat?

The best way to get rid of loose stomach fat is by doing a lot of exercising and walking even doing crunches will help to tone the stomach muscles up right.

Is there a way that i can loose fat in my legs and make them skinny?

Road running is by far the best way to make your legs skinny

How do you reduce hip fat?

The only surefire way to reduce hip fat is through liposuction or a circumferential abdominoplasty. Diet and exercise can help you lose weight, but fat loss will occur throughout the body and not just the hip. It's therefore best to concentrate on your body as a whole instead of just one area.

Is belly dancing is the best way of reducing fat?

It works but it is not the best way. There are other activities that burn far more calories and help you build muscle mass. Having muscles helps loose fat and keep it off.

How do I lose the belly fat?

The only way to loose belly fat is to do a whole lot of cardio. Cardio is the only way to burn fat.

What is the best way to remove unwanted belly fat?

The best way to remove any unwanted body fat would be through diet and exercise. They both have been proven to help anyone loose weight. So join a gym

What is the best way to tie bandage on hip?

Tie it around the hip and do a pretty bow at the end! :)

Best way to loose inches?


How do you loose the fat in your thighs?

The best way to tighten loose ft. in your thighs is to exercise. Squats, lunges, and walking are good forms of thigh exercise. You can also eat healthier foods each day.

What is the best way to loose bellyfat?

The best way to loose belly fat is naturally. What I mean is that don't try diets try eating good foods like fort a snack instead of a cheese stick have an apple and for dinner try eating healthy homemade foods such as pasta and if you have time try exercising running on a treadmill or just running around the block like a jog this is the way to loose belly fat the best and keep a happy satisfying life so good luck if you try this

How do you loose nipple fat?

An excellent way to lose nipple fat is to rub carrot juice on the most affected area.

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