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Try spraying the bolt with a spray called "liquid wrench" I've used it several times and it works. You may have to spray it several times and let it soak in before the bolt will turn. And...have you tried using a breaker bar, or a cheater bar? There is a risk of breaking the bolt, but it also may just loosen the stubborn bolt.

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Q: What is the best way to loosen a seized bolt that removes an idler pulley from a 1998 Mercury Sable?
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Why would a crankshaft pulley seize up in an '89 GMC?

If the cranks shaft pulley is seized, the whole engine is seized.

How do you loosen the tensioner pulley to change the belt on a 1997 ford F150?

It's spring loaded, use a wrench or socket to move it. If it's really stuck it may be seized.

Why does the serpentine belt keep breaking on your 1990 Ford 4.9 L?

A bad pulley (sharp edge) A seized pulley A misaligned pulley

How do you tell if the alternator is seized?

Seized should mean that it's not turning. Crank the engine and see if the alternator pulley spins or not.

Why would the power steering pulley break off?

Bearing seized on the pump.

How do you check if engine is seized?

When an engine is seized up, it will not turn over. The crank cannot make a rotation. Take hold of the main pulley and try to turn it. When you cannot turn the engine over, it is seized.

What are possible causes of the pulley on the air pump locking up?

Air pump seized internally

Why do you smell burning rubber coming from engine?

Possibly a worn belt, seized/partially seized pulley (contacting serp. belt), worn belt tensioner or something melting to exhaust manifold.

How do you fix a seized air conditioning pulley on a 2000 mercury grand marquis Is there a way to bypass that particular pulley and keep the belt around the remaining Please help?

the only way to fix is to have a garage repair (most likely replace) the AC compressor. You can buy a new belt that is shorter and skips that pulley. I have taken mine to Autozone and we tried 4 or 5 different belts until we found one that fits.

2002 tourneo 2ltr turbo the fanbelt has snapped 4 times in as many months how?

If the fanbelt is also routed around a tensioner pulley, then the pulley may be seized. Or you may be adjusting it too tightly.

Why is your ac compressor smoking when ac is on?

The Air conditioning compressor is likely seized. There is a clutch in the pulley that engages the compressor when the A/C is turned on. You can easily check the compressor (with engine off make sure the pulley has had time to cool off as it will be very hot) Try to turn the most center part of the pulley. If you cannot turn it by hand the compressor is seized. The smoke was MOST likely from the serpentine belt rubbing on the seized pulley when the A/C compressor was engaged. Please note that the same belt drives the power steering pump. This belt will be destroyed from the heat and must be replaced to prevent a possible steering failure.

Can you bypass the ac compressor on a Kia Sedona?

You will need to buy a replacement free-wheeling pulley that goes in place of the seized a/c compressor......

Can you manually move the belt in a automatic seat belt on a 1993 mercury villager?

Not if the servo motor is seized. It will have to be replaced.

Why is your car makes a squealing and or chirping noise when you drive?

most likely your airconditioner compressor has gone bad and needs to be replaced. you sould also check the tensioner pulley as the resister tab may have broken when the ac pulley seized up.

What would cause your ac to stop working and start smoking under the hood when you were driving in a 1994 Saturn sc1?

Most likely, your air conditioning compressor is cooked or its pulley clutch has seized. Hopefully it was the pulley, because the compressor is not cheap.

Battery gage keeps dropping to 0 and belts keep squeeling also leaking antifreeze what could be wrong?

Seized belt driven accessory; i.e. alternator, a/c compressor, idler pulley, tensioner pulley, water pump, etc.

Why does your alternator belt keep braking on a 1996 Mazda protege lx?

More than likely incorrectly aligned or buckled pulley or overtightened or seized pully

Why does my car's temperature gauge go up when the cold air is on?

It could be a pulley that is seized up on the a/c drive belt that's most likely the problem

Do you have to loosen the bleeder before you push the piston back?

In most cases, no, however if you are having issues getting the piston into the caliper, it may be seized, or it may be a turn in caliper.

When you let out of the clutch on your mower the belt doesn't engage and it just dies What is wrong?

sounds as if your pulley is locked up.,Frozen,,One or more of your pulleys are seized up

What part is needed if the power steering bearings have seized up?

If the power steering pump seized up you will want to replace the pump as one unit. You will probably have to swap your old ps pulley over to the new pump. This is done with a special ps pulley puller/installer. Your local auto parts store can help you with that. Follow directions that come with the new pump to flush the system with clean ps fluid.

Can you give me seized in a sentence?

The engine has seized up! Pirates have seized the port!

How do you adjust the parking brake on a 1984 Pontiac Fiero?

Back the car onto a set of ramps The cable behind the rear cross member of the engine cradle is the park brake cables. Tighten to tighten adjustment and loosen to loosen Be careful: the common problem are seized cables and faulty calipers.

How to tighten alternator belt on 2002 Kia Spectra?

Hi, the vehicle (like all vehicles today) has an automatic tensioner - it is possible that it is seized and needs replacing. Otherwise try this: First, raise the vehicle and remove the wheel from the right front side, next remove the plastic splash shield and from there you will see the tensioner pulley and adjuster bolt. Loosen the nut first and then you turn the adjuster bolt. Ray

Could a squeaking sound when you turn be a serpentine belt?

A squeak squeak squeak noise is one of two thingsThe belt has a damaged portionEither the belt or one of the pulleys has oil or another contamination on it.If it is a dry grating wine it is a bad bearing in a pulley or driven accessory (alternator, water pump, AC pump etc)If it is a steady squeal the belt is slipping and is hard and glazed or the tensioner is seized and allowing it to run loose or one of the pulley things is seized.