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What is the best way to make an Elemental Hero deck after you get Polymerization in Yu-Gi-Oh?



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Spell support is very important in the deck. With them, you can't Fuse and take advantage of the fact you have E-Heroes. "E-Emergency Call" is too important to leave out. Unlike "Reinforcement of the Army (RotA)", this card lets you get Warriors above 4-stars; but it doesn't hurt to have both in a deck. "R-Righteous Justice" is an okay card but a great card in the right situation. If you have one E-Hero on the field, it's a make-shift "Mystical Space Typhoon". However, if you're in a tight spot and you don't have any E-Heroes on the field and need to destroy a Spell or Trap, it's a dead card. It's up to you to include this card. "O-Oversoul" is a sweet card in the right deck. If you know you're going to have Normal E-Heroes in your Graveyard, this card is a no-brainer. Non-E-Heroes related Spells that are good to have include "RotA", "Pot of Avarice" and more. "Skyscraper" and/ or "Skyscraper 2" are up to you to include. The Battle Phase is important for E-Heroes because there aren't that many ways outside of it to damage your opponent. It can frustrating when your opponent simply has a bigger monster than yours and you have to go on the defensive and lose potential E-Heroes to fuse with. That's why field presence is important, you don't want your Heroes surround by the bad guys! "Hero Signal" helps accomplish this goal and lets you get a E-Hero of your choice. "Shrink" can change almost any battle situation to your advantage and the same goes for "Rush Recklessly". Traps to stop attacks and better yet destroy the attacker are great too. "Hero Blast" simply has no downsides; it's kind of like the "Magical Dimension" for E-Heroes. "Skyscraper 2" can make up for some losses in battle and can get back E-Heroes destroyed in battle before you activated it, in case you didn't know. Last, but not least, Fusions are what makes E-Heroes fun and effective. With your Extra Deck now limited to 15 cards, picking your Fusion monsters can be tricky. Include one of every copy and you won't be able to fuse for a particular Hero twice. Include two or three copies of a Fusion monster, and you have fewer options to use. "King of the Swamp", if you actually have it, might as well be considered an E-Hero card. You can search out "Poly." and have a Fusion Material monster in the 'Grave to use with "Miracle Fusion". ("King" + "Sparkman" = "Shining Flare Wingman") if you don't have it, other Substitute Fusion Material monsters are good too. "Miracle Fusion" allows for some devastating (and not to mention life-saving) Fusions. You can use "Poly." and "Miracle" to get two of the same Fusion monster too. Remember the your E-Heroes are sent out-of-play and more than likely you won't be getting them back... "Fusion Gate" is suggested if you don't have three copies of "Poly." but the monsters go out-of-play so watch out. Just keep in mind when using E-Heroes to work for maintaining the field with monster and spell + trap destruction and Special Summons. Your hand plays a vital role too as activating "Poly." will cost you at least three cards (the two or more monsters and "Poly."). You can pour a lot of sweat and effort into fusing only to have monster destroyed the following turn, so protection from battle and spells and traps in something to consider. There are a lot more cards out there that go with E-Heroes, but don't just throw them in just because they work with them. You might not even want to include every E-Hero monster in your deck like "Bubbleman" because you don't have it's Fusions or you just don't need/ like it. And this goes for any deck: try to keep it down to 40 cards. E-Heroes need a reliable strategy and when you have 70 cards and you're hoping to draw what you need, it's probably not going to happen. "Wildheart", "Stratos" and "Neos-Alius" are examples of Heroes that can hold their own because of the ATK or effects- Fusions aren't the only thing these Warriors are good for! The strategies with E-Heroes is immense but at least here are a few to start with.