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I find that it doesnt hurt as much if you pluck them right after you get out of the shower. yeah, like the comment above me, wet your eye brows with water or you could even put lotion over your eye brows, then pluck them. itll make it less painful because the hair will be softer. Holding an ice cube on the area for a few minutes will numb it. But I say just be quick about it and get it over with. (Then again, I have pretty sparse eyebrows.) They sell a "numbing gel" at Sally Beauty Supply stores. Put a little of that on your brows, wait till it kicks in and tweeze your brows. I quit tweezing mine; now I get them waxed. It's over with so quickly you don't need to worry about numbing them.

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Q: What is the best way to numb your eyebrow for plucking?
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If a guy plucks there eyebrows but doesn't want to go overboard with it how do they know which parts to pluck?

make sure you do not pluck the middle. Go for plucking at the edges. That way, you do not go overboard. And you do not have a bare patch in the middle of your eyebrow. IF you accidentally pluck at the middle eyebrow hairs,it does not really matter, because you won't see the difference.

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