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There are many different ways to pick up girls, and there is no fool-proof method which works because all girls are different. In teen dating this is especially true. Confidence and humor are the key winners in all situations.

Some common methods which work well:

-o- Start by talking about something casual, and then make a joke which she can relate too. This will spark her interest, and make her smile. If possible you can make a few jokes which she will like and make her relax. If she seems in high spirits and is having a good time, then you can ask if she would like to go out sometime to the movies/dinner(whatever you would like to do).

-o- Make a joke about something she says(a sarcastic joke where she can easily tell you a kidding around, isn't too offense, and relates to her personality). This is a great way to make them smile and to test their sense of humor. If they enjoy it and play back, you know they are in fun spirits and can proceed to ask them out.

-o- Do something fun together! Sport events, parties, and movie nights at people's houses are a GREAT way to get to know a girl. It also allows you to talk to her, play around a little bit, and allow her to relax and feel comfortable around you.

The overall keys; make her feel comfortable, allow her to trust you, have her in high spirits/having a good time, and be confident!

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Q: What is the best way to pick up girls?
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