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What is the best way to plant small batches of early and later sweet corn?

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February 24, 2009 6:39PM

Corn is usually planted in blocks to ensure good wind pollination. If you are not able to plant that much, then "hills" are a good choice. They are not really hills. It is just a clump of plants planted in a more or less circular pattern. This could be from 8-12 feet in diameter. Plant the seed in a regular pattern with perhaps 18-36 in. apart, or use a more random approach: toss 'em in the air, and let them fall in a more random pattern. Either way, cover them to the proper depth and water. This makes an interesting landscape, and you can plant different varities, such as sweet green, purple, flint or dent corn. I used this around one of my fish ponds one year and provided nice shade for the fish when the weather got hot.