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damp sand for the bottom packed tight. For the sides a fill called road base which is a mix of sand,gravel&Clay

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How can we reduce waste?

You can reduce the waste by reducing the trash

Can you reduce the transpiration loss by reducing leaf from a plant?

Reducing leaves minimises transpiration.

What does reducing mass and friction improve on a co2 car?

by reducing the mass you reduce the friction, and by reducing the friction reduce the fuel needed to move the car, this applies to all cars not only CO2 cars.

Reduce poverty in India?

By employing the beggars for work,by reducing corruption and by reducing price of materials.

What is the noun for reduce?

The noun forms of the verb to reduce are reducer, reduction, and the gerund, reducing.

Calcium in fiberglass pool?

100-150 ppm of calcium in a fiberglass pool has been shown to reduce staining and spotting. Other than that, I know of no other benefit.

Noise reduce from signal?

noise reducing from signal by some method?

Can steroids reduce swelling?

Cortisone can be very useful for reducing swelling.

What is reduce cost?

Reducing costs is when you make the amount you spend smaller.

What is the verb for reduction?

The verb for reduction is reduce.Others are reduces, reducing and reduced, depending on the tense you need.Some example sentences are:"I will reduce the price"."He reduces the heat"."The store are reducing the price of apples"."The house of cards was reduced mess on the table".

Why is there a need to reduce a formula?

for future operations it is advisable, reduce error

How does a bicyclist reduce drag?

a bicyclist reduces drag by reducing surface area, reducing mass, and reducing friction coefficient of clothing even body parts (removing hair.)

Is there reducing sugars in starch?

yes ,starch is a reducing sugar because it contain a free aldehyde group which can reduce Fe3+ or Cu2+

From what materials are surfboards made?

Surfboards are typically made of fiberglass or wood coated with fiberglass or plastics. Surfboards top layer or finish is highly waxed and polished to reduce drag and improve performance.

What is cuba doing to reduce their air pollution?

Cuba, like many other countries, is taking care to reduce air pollution. They are reducing the number of cars on the streets, and are also looking into reducing output from factories.

What is a non-reducing sugar?

AnswerReducing and Non-reducing Sugars:Sugars which are capable of reducing the oxidizing agents Tollen's reagent (AgO), Fehling reagents (CuO) or Ferricynide in alkaline solution are called the Reducing Sugars. Examples include glucose, fructose, maltose and lactose.Those sugars which are unable to reduce oxidizing agents such as those listed above are called non-reducing sugars. Sucrose is a non-reducing sugar.Carbohydrates that can reduce oxidizing agents are reducing sugars. In the instance of disaccharides, structures that possess one free unsubstituted anomeric carbon atom are reducing sugars. The end of the molecule containing the free anomeric carbon is called the reducing end, and the other end is called the nonreducing end. So non-reducing sugars that cannot reduce oxidizing agents.

What is the Reaction of DNSA reagent with reducing sugars?

Reducing sugar with disaccharide group will reduce DNSA and produce red color. Eg. Maltose

Reducing the current you a circuit causes what?

Reducing the current to a circuit causes a higher resistance -- assuming constant Volts. Also, reducing the current to a circuit causes lower Volts -- assuming constant resistance.AnswerAltering the current has absolutely no effect on a circuit's resistance. Reducing the current will reduce line losses (I2R) and reduce the voltage drop along a conductor.

How do you reduce a Pokรฉmon's base level without reducing its base stats?

You can't.

H2O2 has an oxidizing and reducing nature?

H2O2 oxidize into Oxygen.It reduce into water.

Which type of reducing agents are used to reduce gold and silver?

highly acidic.

What is an example of reducing friction?

One way to reduce friction is to use a lubricant.

What steps could you take to reduce the size of a collision domain?

by reducing the hosts

How do prescribed burns prevent wildfires?

Prescribed fires reduce the amount of fuel available for future forest fires, perhaps preventing uncontrolled growth of a fire by reducing the intensity of the fire and diminishing the continuity of fuel.

What is the chance of reducing global warming?

The future is looking grim. Many people think we have left it too late to do much about global warming. Very few countries have made serious attempts to reduce their emissions.