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Depending on where you are you could use explosives since they make some specifically for getting rid of stumps Maybe the most ecological way is to make holes of 2 cm with a drill, then fill them with breed of Pleurotus ostreatus, oyster mushroom, wich will take care of the fibres and give you edible mushrooms.

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Q: What is the best way to remove a fir tree stump without heavy equipment?
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Are there ideas to use my stump as a decor in my yard?

Renting equipment to remove a tree stump can sometimes be costly. There are others ways to incorporate the stump, for example, transforming it into a chair.

How do you remove a tree stump?

you grab a shovel and dig it out Call a stump removing company. Get stump remover.

Can I remove a stump on my own?

You can remove a stump yourself using one of two ways. Either by digging it out or stump rotting. Both work great but stump digging is more hard labor then letting it naturally rot.

What is in stump remover?

A stump remover can be made up of a chain and a truck. There are stump remover machines that will go into the ground, while cutting roots, grab the tree and remove it.

How do you decorate after a stump removal?

A big stump in the middle of your yard probably does not look attractive, but there are several options to consider. They sell a stump remover that you sprinkle on the stump and after it has worked you can either remove the stump yourself or burn it out. Another option is to make a table out of the stump. I have also seen a chain saw expert make an animal out of a stump.

How do you remove palm tree stump?

Palm tree stumps are difficult to remove. They have thousands of little roots all the way around the stump, even underneath the stump. These little roots are a major pain because you are digging through them during the entire job.

How do you get rid of a tree stump?

There are numerous ways to remove a tree stump. 1..Dig it up 2..Use a stump grinder 3..use a chemical called stump rot 4..Drill several large holes in the stump and Soak stump repeatedly in kerosene and burn it.. 5..Pull the stump by using a chain and a tractor/truck 6..Drill and place explosives in the stump and blow it up..

How do you stop a tree stump from growing back?

Cut the tree stump all the way, Then dig in the ground and remove the seed( s )

Can a stump grinder cut through tree roots?

A stump grinder will not only cut through tree roots but remove all exposed ones too. Stump grinding and tree stump removal using a stump grinder should only be done by professionals as the machines used are highly dangerous.

How do you kill shrub stumps?

Surround the stump with a heavy ring of rock salt. It's a goner.

How did Joseph Stalin make sure the soviet union became strong?

Two peasants used village tractor to remove big stump. First peasant said it was impossible for tractor to remove stump. Second peasant said first peasant lacked faith in great soviet machinery, then he put great effort in removing stump. Village tractor broke and peasants were sent to gulag. Now without tractor and peasants, village was doomed.

can I remove a pesky and ugly stump near my front lawn?

There are stump removers to solve your problem. On and websites if you search the term "stump remover" you can find good stuffs. Of course stump remover is not enough by itself, you may need a saw to finish the whole job.

What is the Diameter of the stump in cricket?

See yhe related link for cricket rules and information regarding the equipment

Tree Stump Removal Services?

Anyone who has a nasty tree stump sitting in the yard from an old tree that has died or was struck down by lightening, wants to have that stump removed. Tree stump removal can be done in different ways. There are products on the market that can be used on the stump to make the stump porous by dissolving it. This isn't too difficult. Holes need to be drilled all around the top and sides and the product is poured into each hole. The stump can then be burned in four to six weeks or it can be let to decompose naturally. Another way to remove the stump is to hire a professional to do the job.

What do I need for tree removal?

Basically anything you'd need for tree trimming would be needed. Then you'd need some heavy duty versions of the same equipment for cutting tree trunks. Then you'd need a stump remover for finishing the removal job.

How do you kill maple tree roots?

Depends which country you are in. You can get chemical treatments to kill stumps and roots. Alternatively you can hire a stump grinder that will remove the stump and normally kills the remaining roots.

Where do you get firewood in maple story?

perion you have to kill the tree stump dark tree stump or axe tree stump. perion you have to kill the tree stump dark tree stump or axe tree stump.

How do you remove a palm tree stump with fire?

Palms have very moist wood. If the wood isn't dry, your stump won't burn. There are chemicals you can buy that, after boring holes into the stump, you pour into the stump and it provides oxygen to make the stump burn hotter. You let it dry for a month or so and pour in some kerosene or diesel fuel and light it. If you followed the recommendations, it burns like charcoal for a few days. Bonide "Stump Out" is a brand you can look for. See the link to watch Annie tell you how to use it.

How to remove a tree stump?

As kids we'd dig a ditch around the stump and break the roots with a grubbing axe until it could be rocked free. Now I'd use a stump grinder instead. If the stump isn't too large and you have left enough of the trunk you may be able to pull it out with a truck. A JCB can dig them out no trouble usually. My friend like to recomend dynamite.

How do you remove sumac?

Sumac can be removed by cutting the trunk near to ground level. A herbicide should also be applied to the freshly cut stump. A few weeks later, begin to pull up and dig out the sumac stump, then monitor the areas for any new sprouts of sumac to remove.

Do tree roots die after you remove the stump?

Usually, if there is no source of sunlight, they will die. Sometimes there is enough stored food in the roots that they can force a shoot up to the sunlight and regrow. Without access to sunlight, they will eventually rot away.

How do you kill a willow tree that is ruining your pipes?

Cut it down or have it cut down. Remove the stump, repair the drains.

What happene if the ball hits a pad without touching the bat and the batsman was in the line of stump but he is 2 meter ahead from the stump?

not out unless it is plum this is because the umpire is demmed to be unsure on the balls activities

What is the definition of black stump?

A Stump that is black

What is burnt inside the ashes urn?

The Ashes urn is reputed to contain a burnt item of cricket equipment, possibly a bail,ball or stump.