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4 parts water to 1 part hydrachloric or muriatic acid, wet area add solution scrub lightly rinse. Do not allow solution to dry.

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Q: What is the best way to remove algae stains from your pool liner if your pool was idle for 2 years?
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If you have a severe black algae problem that you have been mitigating for years and can't get rid of can getting a very dark blue liner help to hide the black algae stains?

In a word ~ NO. If the algae bloom is that severe maybe a replaster is in order. Sounds like you need to be more diligent on chemistry in the pool along with proper filtration among other things. Sounds like a problem of neglect. Black algae will bore into the plaster unlike green algae. It is very difficult to get rid of especially on rough plaster. You cannot cover over it or paint over it. Oh, the dark blue liner or any liner can and will cover and hide the algae problem but you will still have the algae problem and in fact compound the problem. The algae could bore through the new liner and then where will you be - - right back in the same boat. k

How do you remove wrinkles from the bottom of an in-ground pool and why are they there if the pool is new?

The wrinkles are there to provide for liner shrinkage over the years.

Is it possible to remove bluing stains on tailpipes?

Years ago there was a product called "Blue Away" I used it on my BSA and worked ok

How long does it take to build a modern cruse liner?

Cruse liner? Don't know. Cruise liner? Two to three years.

How many years should an inground pool liner last?

The reality is that the average inground pool liner will last 8-12 years.

How can you remove water stains from RV carpet ceiling?

For years we've foudn that if you srpau windex directly on the area and soak it back out it works best

Is there a sofa cleaner that can remove wine stains?

Yes, try Resolve sofa cleaner. They used to just make rug cleaner, but they have expanded in the last few years. When it's clean, use ScotchGuard to protect against new stains.

How do you remove motor-oil stains from a white cotton shirt?

put a can of coke in when you wash the acid in the coke will take it out most of the time. Been doing it for years!

How often change vinyl pool liner?

I liner can last from 3-10 years or more. The lifespan is 7 years on average. The variation is due to wear and tear, chlorine levels, sun exposure, abrasion and other activities that wear down the liner.

What is the typical lifespan of a swimming pool liner?

15 years

Is there a way to remove a wine carpet stain that has been there for years?

There are many mixtures that will remove stains as well as name brand products. You tube even offer videos of carpet cleaning. If all else fails call a professional service.

What happened to the Olympic White Star liner?

It was scrapped after 24 years of service.

Can you put a vinyl liner in a concrete pool?

Yes you can but you would be replacing the liner every 3-4 years when you can build a gunite pool using the old pool as a base and get another 30-40 years of enjoyment out of it.

Which is better fiberglass gunite liner pool?

I have a gunite that I absolutely love, 10 years old. No problems, I drain and clean every two years, still looks awesome. No cracks, chips or stains. Just give it a little TLC and the pool will last a long time. Mother_In_Law has a inground vinyl pool - 20 years old - she has had to replace the liner 4 times and will be doing it again very soon due to major rinkles at the drop off spot. I have a fiberglass pool. 12 years old, never had to drain for cleaning, never had to change a liner and looks like the day it was put in the ground and should for another 20 years. Cost a little more up front but if you ask the others what their added cost for the cleanings and liner changes,plus just having to do it, cost over the same years, I'll bet my fiberglass pool against your pool, I'm way ahead on overall maitenance cost. And no down time.

If you have a new liner with a leak will you get the same amount of years out of it had it not had a leak?

That would depend on several variables. If the leak is professionally repaired and there is no damage to the substrate under the liner, then you should be fine with the life expetency of the liner. If there was a wash-out under the liner, then there is added stress to the liner at that point which can shorten it's life expectancy. If the patch is done with a clear store-bought patch kit, the patch likely will not hold very long and the liner will likely begin leaking again, which can damage the substrate and affect the liner integrity.

How long does a vinyl liner last before it needs to be replaced?

We have a vinyl liner and the warranty is 20 years, that is only for the seams. We've been told by a number of people you can expect to get 8-10 years out of a liner. If you are absolutely fastidious about the care, chemical level, and cleaning, you may get a little longer. 16 years is the most I've ever heard of and that was a salt pool that belonged to a pool pro.

Is it possible to have a fiberglass or vinyl liner installed over a concrete swimming pool?

Yes but its not recommended. You would have to replace the liner very soon. I have a customer who spent almost 60 grand on a pool were the liner was placed over concrete and now 4 years later she is spending almost 6 grand to replace the liner and redo the pool with vermiculite. Best bet is to refinish the pool with either gunite or vermiculite pool crete and then put in the liner. A liner can last ten to fifteen years before having to be replaced and then when it is replaced, it looks like a brand new pool.

Why would a gunite pool have a vinyl liner?

A very limited few were intentionally built that way. Usually in very low lying areas where cement/vermiculite allowed too much water to come through, making it impossible to "seat" the liner. However, this scenario does apply more to concrete than gunite. Gunite pools have a very short life (less than 20 years) of troublefree enjoyment, then the cracks, leaks, stains, and algae take over. Pool owners try either paint, epoxy, or new plaster. None of these solutions last more than three to four years, then they are forced to start over seeking a solution. Then, along comes a liner salesman with, what sounds like, THE answer. They will nail a "bead receptor" around the top of the pool, then install a beautiful, long lasting vinyl liner into the pool, with a 10 year warranty (pro-rated by the way). These pro-rated warranties are a bad joke, as every vinyl liner pool owner already knows. Nevertheless, after the last debaucle with two-part epoxy, plaster (marcite), or paint, this sounds like the obvious answer. Unfortunately, it is the worst answer of all! It won't even last three years. The bead receptor must be a part of the concrete deck around the pool, it can not be, under any condition, added later. That is why a gunite pool could have a vinyl liner.

How do you get spaghetti sauce out of laundry?

I know this sounds obvious, but have you tried a stain remover? I recently tried Shout Advanced, as it is advertised to take out set in stains. It works great: formula, spit up, Spaghetti O's, grass stains, and blood. I am sold. I have worked for hours trying to remove stains during my 25 years of life and I love this product, especially now that I have two children. However, if you are talking about delicate linens or table cloths, I would consult a professional cleaner. I know this sounds obvious, but have you tried a stain remover? I recently tried Shout Advanced, as it is advertised to take out set in stains. It works great: formula, spit up, Spaghetti O's, grass stains, and blood. I am sold. I have worked for hours trying to remove stains during my 25 years of life and I love this product, especially now that I have two children. However, if you are talking about delicate linens or table cloths, I would consult a professional cleaner.

Instead of resurfacing a gunite pool that is 20 some years old can a liner be used instead?

Yes, it could be costly depending on what would need to be done to install the track.. It shouln't be too hard but you would need to consult a pool expert on the proper way to attach the track that the vinyl is attached to. But remember that once a vinyl liner is used the pool can not be drained or it will ruin the liner. This means any major algae or other water problems need to be delt with using only chemicals, which can be expensive and frustrating, and very hard to filter afterwards.

How long to Chinese algae eater fish live?

5 years

When did green algae appear on this earth?

425 million years ago.

How long has algae been around?

1100 million years ago

When should a pool liner be replaced?

The time to replace a pool liner is when you have had enough of the liner. That sounds a little flippant, so what the heck does that mean? Well there are several reasons to replace a liner any of which are valid and all relate to you the owner. The first most common reason to replace a liner is the pool is leaking and will not stop. You have hired a diver and they cannot find any leaks and leaks and will not stop or there is a major cut in the liner. The next most common reason is the printed pattern on the liner is substantially faded or gone. This happens from UV light exposure and high chlorine levels over the years. Most people just hate looking at a faded liner and want to but vibrancy back in their pools appearance. Another scenario is the pool water chemistry has been poorly maintained and the liner is badly wrinkled. With chemistry there are two critical balances Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness. If the Total Alkalinity & pH are kept too low over to long a period of time the liner will wrinkle badly and this problem can only be corrected by replacing the liner. If the Calcium Hardness is maintained too low for to long a period of time the liner can become brittle to the point if you step on it the liner would crack. So it is recommended that you have your pool water professionally tested at least 3 times a pool season if your season is 6 months long and 6 times a year if you have a 12-month season. The least common reason is the people just hate the pool liner pattern and want something different. This can happen if someone buys a house and hates the liner pattern that is currently in the pool when they purchase the house so they replace it. The average life of a liner is about 10 years. The longest I have ever heard of a pool liner lasting was 25 years this was an in ground pool, of course there was no pattern in the liner for the last 15 years but the owners did not care. So as you can see the time to replace the liner is your choice. Keep in mind when replacing a liner the thicker the liner the more resistant to punctures the liner will be. If you are in a cold climate you will need a really thick liner. Standard mil thickness on in ground pool liners is usually 20 mil, 27/28 mil, 30 mil and 40 mil. For above ground pools life expectancy is 5-10 years. Liner thickness generally runs 16 mil, 20 mil, 22 mil and 27 mil.

How can I remove black staining in a fibreglass swimming pool?

Black stains in a fiberglass pool occur when the gel coat begins to break down and is known as "cobalting". The stains start small (pencil point) and grow rapidly. There is no chemical to remove the effects of cobalt. Simultaineously, algae will be able to attach itself to the gel coat, as it transforms from non-porous to porous. Staining will also occur and eventually fiberglass will become exposed. This transition normally occurs in about 20 years in a factory built fiberglass pool, and about 15 years in a fiberglass laminate that was applied to a concrete or gunite swimming pool. Of course, in both instances, the timing depends upon the quality and the thickness of the swimming pool gel coat that was used. The solution is relatively easy and definitely inexpensive. Simply remove (by sanding or sand-blasting) the existing gel coat and replace it with new swimming pool gel coat.