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4 parts water to 1 part hydrachloric or muriatic acid, wet area add solution scrub lightly rinse. Do not allow solution to dry.

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Q: What is the best way to remove algae stains from your pool liner if your pool was idle for 2 years?
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If you have a severe black algae problem that you have been mitigating for years and can't get rid of can getting a very dark blue liner help to hide the black algae stains?

In a word ~ NO. If the algae bloom is that severe maybe a replaster is in order. Sounds like you need to be more diligent on chemistry in the pool along with proper filtration among other things. Sounds like a problem of neglect. Black algae will bore into the plaster unlike green algae. It is very difficult to get rid of especially on rough plaster. You cannot cover over it or paint over it. Oh, the dark blue liner or any liner can and will cover and hide the algae problem but you will still have the algae problem and in fact compound the problem. The algae could bore through the new liner and then where will you be - - right back in the same boat. k

How do you remove wrinkles from the bottom of an in-ground pool and why are they there if the pool is new?

The wrinkles are there to provide for liner shrinkage over the years.

How do you remove clothing stains caused by croton sap?

We lived in Miami for 33 years and never found an answer. We considered croton stains to be permanent and never wore clothes we cared about when cutting crotons.

Is it possible to remove bluing stains on tailpipes?

Years ago there was a product called "Blue Away" I used it on my BSA and worked ok

How long does it take to build a modern cruse liner?

Cruse liner? Don't know. Cruise liner? Two to three years.

How can you remove water stains from RV carpet ceiling?

For years we've foudn that if you srpau windex directly on the area and soak it back out it works best

How many years should an inground pool liner last?

The reality is that the average inground pool liner will last 8-12 years.

Is there a sofa cleaner that can remove wine stains?

Yes, try Resolve sofa cleaner. They used to just make rug cleaner, but they have expanded in the last few years. When it's clean, use ScotchGuard to protect against new stains.

How do you remove motor-oil stains from a white cotton shirt?

put a can of coke in when you wash the acid in the coke will take it out most of the time. Been doing it for years!

What is the typical lifespan of a swimming pool liner?

15 years

How often change vinyl pool liner?

I liner can last from 3-10 years or more. The lifespan is 7 years on average. The variation is due to wear and tear, chlorine levels, sun exposure, abrasion and other activities that wear down the liner.

Is there a way to remove a wine carpet stain that has been there for years?

There are many mixtures that will remove stains as well as name brand products. You tube even offer videos of carpet cleaning. If all else fails call a professional service.

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