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My Haynes manual says to remove the lower CV joints axle. This means removing the drivers side wheel and draining the tranny. This is an unceessary pain.

I unhooked the brake fluid reservior and undid the master cylinder and tied a rope thru the bolt of the alternator to hoist it up then it came up rather easily.

Bleeding the brakes was a small job compared to the lower method.

This job is foolish hard, Honda did not think it through. Yes you have to take out the half shaft and the brakes , lower ball, full shaft, the whole drivers side, .. But you don't need to bleed anything.. thats foolish . the only reason the holf shaft hase to come out .. is " the alt is just to big it will not go down or back up with out the shaft out. other than that you manual will show you the rest. Its' the same one I have

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to replace an alterantor on this car is a pain in the you know what!! sounds like b.s. but this is what you do. 1-take front driverside wheel off

2-you have to take the drive shaft out of trans.(it takes a 30mm socket w/BREAKER BAR)believe me, this is for the bolt in the center of rotor you'll see it. 3-there is the sway bar and a couple of other things in the way you need to loosen to get out of the way(not necessarily take them off)

4-under the oil filter there is a bracket(3bolts) which holds the cv shaft in place(its part of the shaft) loosen those and once everything else is loose you should be able to pull the cv shaft out. trans. oil will leak be ready(be sure to have alternator already loose when you pull the shaft so you can pull shaft drop alternator throw the new one up there and replace shaft with spilling less oil as possible(ATF-Z1 find it at honda or Acura dealer $4)

5-replace everything and have fun best of luck any questions email me

I replaced my altenater with out removing the axle. There is a mount that it is connected to the engine block with 3 bolts, if you remove the small mount it will slide out. It took me 2 hours to figure out which way to take it out, but only 10 minutes to put it in. You still have to take the front wheel off.

The last poster is correct. It is not necessary to remove the axle or the brake cylinder. Undo the two alternator mounting bolts and the electrical wiring. Remove the left front wheel. Remove the plastic shield on the fender. If the bolts just spin, use a sharp object to hold the plastic anchor while you remove the bolts. Cut the tyraps holding the rubbber vibration damper on the axle and slide it fully forward towards the wheel. Remove the bolt at the bottom of the suspension fork to allow the fork to move forward. Remove both alternator mounting brackets (the top one may not be necessary - try leaving it on). It may be necessary to remove the front motor mount and lower the motor. I had already done this in hopes I could drop the alternator out the bottom. You can't. Now the alternator will slide out towards the wheel. If it still jams, bend the fender metal slightly with your biggest pliers. Good time to change the oil - the filter is suddenly quite accessible. Thanks, Honda - nice design work. Alan

After reading all the posts on replacing Integra Alternators yesterday,I went with the last two posts for a 1990 Integra GS.However,on my 1989,I could only remove the lower portion shield on the wheel well which is plastic.The upper portion is metal and not easily removed.This gave me enough access to the lower bolt,to remove nut and also to align holes on installation(very tight fit,both for removal and installation).I had to pry the the bottom bracket and slowly tap it in for installation,then align the bolt hole with a podger or round screwdriver.I was also able to wiggle the alternator in and out thru the bottom after removing the oil filter(killing two birds with one stone as car was on jacks).So I was ablt to do it without removing anything except the oil filter.I know this post is for a 1990,but I wanted to share my experience. .

Hello. You are all wrong. Yes the alternator will come out the bottom of the car. Undo the 3 bolts that the one guy was talking about on the vibration damper for the cv axle. Remove the little shield that covers your Power Steering lines, it is on the drivers side of vehicle. Last, remove a long screw/bolt directly under the oil filter. Undo the alternator. You will have to do some fancy maneuvering of the alternator. but it will pop out from the bottom. Just did it yesterday. The stabilizer bar kind of gets in the way but pulling on the alternator when it is in the right position, but it will slide past it. Be ready for the alternator to come crashing down on your chest if you don't hold on to it well enough.

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Q: What is the best way to remove and install an alternator from a 1990 Acura Integra GS?
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do you want to know how to remove your alternator? i have a 1990 integrea too and this is how you remove it ... you have to remove your axle to get the alternator out ... i had the same problem before....... hopes this help you a bit ... i know it's a lot of work but that's the only way .........

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