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I just did this on a 1994 caravan with the 3.3 litre - should be roughly the same the factory service manual does not even addres the issue, not at least that I could find To change the tensioner, do the following: remove the serpentine belt remove the alternator bolts and move the alternator out of the way - DISCONECT THE BATTERY FIRST when the bolts are out of the alternator, you can move the alternator around and unhook the wiring to it - it is easier to do it this way You can then put the alternator out of the way this exposes the back side of the tensioner and you can get at it with a 15mm open end wrench; you cannot really see it but you can do it by feel. it is held on with one nut on the stud on he back side of the tensioner assembly and located by a pin so it can only go on one way. Damn near imposible to do with the alternator in place but a relative piece of cake with the alternator moved out of the way

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Q: What is the best way to replace the tension arm assembly on a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE V6 3.3L?
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Can you bypass the tension pulley on 3.3 engine for 1991 Plymouth voyager?

No I don't think so.

How do you tighten a tensioner pulley in a 1998 Plymouth grand voyager?

There is no adjustment. If it does not provide the correct tension it needs to be replaced. It is cheap and easy to do yourself from underneath.

Dodge Caravan 2000: The v-belt is out of alignment - seems like the tensioner is not lined up with the other pulleys - How can this be fixed?

I had this problem in my 92 Plymouth Voyager. You need to replace the tension pulley. They get old and become out of alignment.

Where are the bolts needed to tighten the v-belt located on a 98 Plymouth Voyager with 3.0 engine?

if it is a serpentine belt, there is a tension pully that keeps it tight if is a v blet , u generally adjust the tension by moving the alternator

How do you tighten the serpentine belt on a 1991 Plymouth Voyager?

You cannot tighten the belt. It has a tensioner that holds the proper tension. If the belt is loose then either the belt is worn out or the tensioner has failed.

How do you replace a tensioner pulley on a 1997 Chevy Lumina?

use a 3/8 drive ratchet to loosen the tension and take your belt off.Then unbolt the center bolt of the tension assembly and replace with a new unit.

Can someone please tell you where you can go on the internet for a schematic of how to install a tension belt for a 1993 Plymouth voyager that is free?


How do you tighten alternator belt on a 93 Plymouth acclaim?

The 93 Acclaim has a serpentine belt. The tensioner below the alternator is what keeps the tension. If you have not tension I would replace the belt first and then check the tensioner.

Can't loosen idler tension pulley on air conditioner idler pulley?

Replace the tensioner assembly as one piece.

What tool is needed to relieve tension on the serpentine belt of a 1992 Plymouth voyager 3.3 v6?

You need a 1/2" ratchet or a Johnson bar. The idler pulley has a square 1/2" hole that the square on the ratchet will fit in and allow you to turn the pulley and relieve the tension.

How can you replace the tension pulley on a 1997 Nissan Maxima?

Loosen 13mm nut that secures tension pulley. Then loosen 13mm nut/bolt just above tensioner assembly facing upwards, to remove tension from belt. Then finally remove the three 10mm bolts holding tensioner assembly to engine block. Install in reverse order.

How do you replace a belt tension pulley of a 2002 Acura RSX?

push the tensioner back with a 14mm, take off the belt, take off the pulley assembly

How do you replace serpentine belt on 97 Plymouth Voyager?

3.3L and 3.8L Engines note: It is best to use serpentine belt tool kit. All of the belt driven accessories on the 3.3L and 3.8L engines are driven by a single serpentine belt. The belt tension is maintained by an automatic tensioner. # Raise the front of the vehicle and safely support it with jackstands. # Remove the right front splash shield. # Release tension by rotating the tensioner clockwise. # Remove the belt and install a replacement. # Proper belt tension is maintain by the dynamic tension. # Install the right front splash shield. Lower the front of the vehicle.

If the tension pulley is bad on a 91 2.2 l Corsica can one just replace the pulley or must one replace the entire assembly?

Call the parts store. They will be able to tell you if the pulley is available separately or not.

How do you replace a tension pulley on a dodge truck?

The tension pulley should have a bolt that holds it on, allowing you to replace the unit.

How do you replace the tensioner assembly on a 1996 Plymouth voyager mini van?

The pulley can easily be removed from the tensioner by loosening the bolt in the center. (the same one you use to loosen the tension to put the belt on. put a socket wrench on the bolt (mine is 15mm) and loosen. once the bolt is removed the pulley will come right off. tighten the bolt with the new pulley in place until the bolt pulls against the spring loaded tensioner. turning the bolt tighter will also loosen the tension to replace the belt. I found that threading the belt in place over the tensioner pulley first and then releasing the tension while I slide the belt onto the alternator pulley worked better because the wrench was in the way if I try to put the belt on the tension pulley last. good luck getting it loose enough to get the belt on. two people would make the job a lot easier.

How do you release tension on serpentine belt on 1997 Plymouth grand voyager?

on most makes and model vehicles that new they all have a tensioner pully most commonly on top and easy to get to usually requiring a breaker bar and proper socket to fit the bolt in the center of the pully. apply tension to breaker bar should releaser presure off belt.

How do you take off the ac belt on a 1997 Plymouth voyager?

You should see a bolt just above the top pulley on the AC belt. Turn that bolt and the pulley will move. Of course, you want to see it moving down in order to relieve the tension. Then you can remove the belt.

How can you tighten the tension on alternator belt after RR alternator on Nissan Sentra XE 1995?

It should have a spring loaded automatic tensioner, if the spring is broke replace the tensioner arm assembly

How do you disasemble a tension pulley to replace with a new one in a 1994 thunder bird?

Tensioner assembly removes with std. thread -- pulley itself is a left handed thread Clockwise to loosen

How do you replace a tension pulley assembly on a 99 Chevy Tahoe?

All instructions are assuming you are working from the front of the vehicle. If you do not still have the sticker showing you the belt routing attached to the vehicle take note of the route it takes before beginning. The Pulley is on your left, with a small square hole. Insert your 3/8 in ratchet into this hole, and pull the left (counter clockwise). You should then be able to remove the belt. The pivot point of when you released the tension is the bolt that will remove the tension pulley. Simply remove it, and replace the tension pulley assembly. (The part cost me about $15 at Advance Auto in Florida- I had to call ahead and I had my wife pick it up.)

How can you replace the broken timing belt on a 93 voyager Ive been told it will also need a pump total cost of 400 seems way to much?

I am in the process of changing the head gaskets on a 93 voyager that includes taking the timing assembly apart since it has DOHC. I can tell you that yes, you should go ahead and replace the water pump while your in there because the water pump is intertwined with the timing assembly, meaning the timing belt actually spins the water pump. This job isn't as bad as it looks, just remember to mark where your distributor was at before you touched it and be sure not to turn the engine when loosening the crankshaft pulley bolts. And also, watch how the timing assembly comes apart, there is a small spring that helps retain the tensioner in place to provide tension on the timing belt. $400 for this job is a great deal, take it if its still there.

How do you replace timing belt on 1991 Plymouth Acclaim?

The timing belt on a 1991 Plymouth Acclaim is replaced by removing the engine accessories, removing the timing cover, and taking pressure off the idler pulley. The belt can then be slipped off the sprockets, a new belt put in place, and the tension restored.

How to replace a serpentine belt on 1994 buick lesabre?

replace tension put it on

How to you tighten the alternator belt on a 1995 Plymouth Acclaim?

It uses a spring loaded belt tensioner I believe. The tensioner is automatically set. IF there is not enough tension, then replace the tensioner. The belt may be stretched and need replacment however.