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What is the best way to replace the tension arm assembly on a 1997 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE V6 3.3L?


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2005-12-04 22:21:43
2005-12-04 22:21:43

I just did this on a 1994 caravan with the 3.3 litre - should be roughly the same the factory service manual does not even addres the issue, not at least that I could find To change the tensioner, do the following: remove the serpentine belt remove the alternator bolts and move the alternator out of the way - DISCONECT THE BATTERY FIRST when the bolts are out of the alternator, you can move the alternator around and unhook the wiring to it - it is easier to do it this way You can then put the alternator out of the way this exposes the back side of the tensioner and you can get at it with a 15mm open end wrench; you cannot really see it but you can do it by feel. it is held on with one nut on the stud on he back side of the tensioner assembly and located by a pin so it can only go on one way. Damn near imposible to do with the alternator in place but a relative piece of cake with the alternator moved out of the way


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There is no adjustment. If it does not provide the correct tension it needs to be replaced. It is cheap and easy to do yourself from underneath.

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I had this problem in my 92 Plymouth Voyager. You need to replace the tension pulley. They get old and become out of alignment.

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if it is a serpentine belt, there is a tension pully that keeps it tight if is a v blet , u generally adjust the tension by moving the alternator

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You cannot tighten the belt. It has a tensioner that holds the proper tension. If the belt is loose then either the belt is worn out or the tensioner has failed.

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use a 3/8 drive ratchet to loosen the tension and take your belt off.Then unbolt the center bolt of the tension assembly and replace with a new unit.

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