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Call them or write them. For heaven's sake, she left you the money. Check in with them to see how they are, but do not give them money. I do not think it would change things.

2007-09-08 01:40:48
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What are the words to Sonic underground someday?

Because someday they will reunite with there real mother

Does ants have feelings?

Yes, your mother do has feelings.

When pregnant does the mother have strong feelings for the father?

depends on the mother. do you have strong feelings for the guy that got you pregnant?

Does Daniel Radcliffe die in The Woman in Black?

He and Joseph get hit by a train and they reunite with Joseph's mother.

What were some of Princess Diana's feelings?

Princess Diana had feelings of joy as a mother. She experienced feelings of sadness when she humbled herself to the level of the people.

Do men generally stay in love with the mother of their firstborn child?

Most men will always hang on to some of the feelings that they had in earlier loves whether there was a child involved or not makes no difference, the soft spot is always there, no matter what they say.

Is it a bad idea to separate cats and reunite after a long period of time. These are adult cats who have been together 6 years. Mother cat and her 2 kittens and the mother cats sister.?

Reuniting cats after a period of separation depends on the demeanor of the cats. If the cats have been suffering from depression since the separation it may be a good idea to reunite them.

Why do you have feelings for your first love?

cause ur a horny mother fker

Which words best describe walker's feelings toward her mother?


How do you get rid of a stepdad?

Slyly hint to him that your mother still has feelings for your father.

How do you reunite lost kitten in animal crossing wild world?

You return the kitten to the town she said she last saw her mother by using wifi or ds to ds.

What is Gain the Pain by Whitney Perret about?

Its about the struggles a mother and daughter relationship. The daughter is growing up, but not old enough to be taken seriously in the mothers eyes. The mother doesnt see the daughters feelings as real, but dismisses her feelings as teenage angst. The daughter want the mother to know that what she feels is very real to her and that childhood thoughts and feelings do impact who you are, even in the future.

What does mother culture mean?

A mother culture is a term for an earlier people's culture that has been an influence for later cultures and people.

Do my baby mother love me?

It is best to ask your child's mother to be honest and tell you if she loves you or not ! Even if that means hurting feelings

What are the names of Athena's mother and father?

Zeus is her father, she was born out of his head. He had earlier swallowed Metis, who is suspected of being Athena's mother.

Surrogate in a sentence?

Since we couldn't have a baby. We decided to hire a surrogate mother.

What does the ghost forbid hamlet to do?

To harm his mother as his fate will be decided by God Himself.

What does it mean if you dream your mother has bought you a pregnancy test?

This dream reflects the dreamer's feelings about her mother. It seems that the dreamer might fear her mother does not trust her, or perhaps that her mother is overly eager for grandchildren.

Why did Charles drews mommy inspire him?

Charles Drew was not inspired by his mother. His mother was a teacher. He was the one who decided to attend medical school.

How did Mother Teresa get started in her profession?

She started as a teacher , then decided to become a nun when she was 18

Why is Mother's Day in May?

It might be becaue Mary's (mother of God) month is may and since she was a mother they decided to have mothers day in may.

What are hamlets feelings toward his mother?

His feelings are complicated. Even though he loves her, he resents that she married so quickly following his father's death, and suspects that she may have had a hand in it.

What did Mother Teresa work as?

she was a teacher, but then decided to work as a missionary sister. i am doing a report on mother teresa

How do I handle my feelings for my mother's boyfriend?

If your mother is dating him, he is off limits.

What were Adolf Hitler's feelings towards his parents?

He loved his mother, didn't really like his father.