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The best way is to ignore her, let her come to you. If you keep yourself busy with other things she may come around.That increases your chances 50%, as it stands now chasing her will get you a 1% chance of getting her back.It's a 50/50 if you ignore her go about your business and if she calls or you see her be friendly but always say your on the way somewhere don't have time. Stop if you gave her many chances to dig you. Go try your charm on a more appreciative lady. Otherwise, date the girl. Get to know her and make her feel special if she'll let you. Tell her what you like about her and show her by your actions.


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to bring back a girl you got to show her that you care, always be around for her. Do your best to show her that you are the best one for her. This would be more easy to answer if you would state why yall are not together anymore. But you have to have hope to do not give up on trying to get her back. I believe that all relationships with love should not end. You must love this girl to ask how to get her back, all you have to do is think, you know what she likes and what is fun to her. Ask her to give you one day to show her that you should be together, but you have to be really good to her an make sure everything goes right. If you really want her back you will get her back.

If you show the girl a lot of love then you will probably receive a lot of love back, if you show her respect then she will respect you.

for most January-Febuary 2009

he announced on the ELLEN SHOW that his best friend that was a girl was his mum, and Selena Gomez.

Start talking to him more...try flirting but not to much. See if he hits you up sometime. Show him what he lost.

Then you have to fight for him! Show that b*tch who belongs to who! Youre better than her and she's just some ugly s*ut whos trying to get back what she lost! You go girl! Sorry for the language.

it's kate from the show lost

someone lostsomeone wona girl got disappointed

It is impossible to say which tv show is the best ever because people have different opinions, However judging by the large percentage of people that say "LOST is the best tv show ever" LOST would most certainly be among the front runners, IMO there is nothing to touch LOST, from the moment it first aired to the moment it ended it was virtually flawless, and even now almost a year later people are still passionately discussing the intricate plot details, and the fan groups are still growing at a massive rate. IS LOST THE BEST TV SHOW EVER? IMO YES.

The Best Show in the Universe - 2010 Marketing Phrases That Have Lost Their Meaning - 2.2 was released on: USA: 5 November 2012

All you have to do is show the girl tht you like her and see if she likes you back then you might get her. So tell her tht you like her and see if she likes you back. Also you can show your swagg

yes u can put three brothers together, but if you show one of them a girl, or put a boy with a girl and then put them back in the same cage as their brothers they will smell the girl on the brothers fur and will fight, but if u do not show or put seperately one boy with a girl then put him back in the cage, they will be best friends, i had three like that, till one boy went with one of my females then went back with his brothers, we had to put that one that went with the girl in a separate cage.

The very best tv show I have found on netfix are -lost -Kyle xy - heroes

The dog belongs Walt. The dog is a helper in the TV show LOST. Vincent does wander in the woods but always ends up finding his way back to the beach.

hopefully not for a long time i mean i want to know how it ends but it so interesting the best show ever!

the best way is to show her that you love her and she will be the one to tell you first

Take her out. Buy her gifts and show her love.

Go back to the Talent Agency and show the photo there.

Lost returns in Sept. And if you have g4, they are doing a special call Lost 2.0 coming in Sept too. It's a thing about behind stuff they don't show on tv. I love Lost and wish I had G4.

I Do not think this show is coming back this show was the best show i have ever seen but i mostly like it with rowdy ruff boys in it but no it is not coming back The powerpuff girls are returning 2013

The best thing to do is learn the lesson. If you have to go to court then show up

I think a girl needs to try her best to look pretty and when a hot guy flirts with you flirt back and this is not a nessecity (depending on the type of guy) show of some clevege sometimes I think if a hot guy flirts with you then you should flirt back and this is not a nessecity (depending on the type of guy) show off some clevage sometimes.

I dont know for certain. however the earliest show I have seen is an episode of The Twilight Zone from 1962 titled, "Little Girl Lost."

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