What is the best way to tell a family member that you have in fact bought books or visited websites on abusive people and how should you go about asking them to read them?

If you are talking about the victim of an abuser then that person has to decide what is right for them and when to leave their abuser. Just like children who are abused, the child will run to, and defend the very person that is abusing them. Why? Because they want to please that person so much and feel everything is their fault. They want to be good and please the abuser. You need to do more than read books. Go on: www.google.com Ask: "What is the Cycle of Abuse regarding women" The Cycle of Abuse is extremely important and if you study that you'll save yourself a lot of time. It explains how the victim feels, the fears, how they have been threatened, had their self esteem lowered to zero and also how terrible the threats (even to using the children or families of the victim to scare their victim) and then you can see why all the books in the world won't help you to convince this person. They need to find their own strength and hopefully one day they will. If they do, then be there. I know it's tough to sit by and watch this, and the only positive thing you can do (and you'd better have some good proof) is call Child Welfare (if children are involved) and have the children taken out of the home for their own safety. Good luck Marcy